Life can sometimes be hotchpotch. With a lot of tasks to be completed and all of them urgent and not knowing where to start from; we all have been in this situation. Some would have been able to complete all the tasks, some partially and some would have given up even before starting, knowing very well their failed attempts at multi-tasking would not be of any help.

For all these three categories of people, managing time wisely would have been helpful. Some may argue that the first category of people completed all the tasks successfully. But has to be kept in mind that it was mere luck and in terms of quality, justice may not have been served to the tasks.

The task here does not mean only in the case of office goers or people working in companies. School-going children who have homework to be complete or have exams coming up or sportsperson, who have to do various kinds of warm-up exercises also count.

Managing time is indeed important, for it brings out the best work possible and creates minimum pressure on a person to complete the task in a hurry.

But how exactly to manage time? Given below are a few key pointers that may help – 

  1. Distinguishing between Important and Urgent – Understanding the difference between tasks that are ‘important’ and tasks that are ‘urgent’ is a necessary requisite for time management. While a task has to be completed in itself is evidence that the task holds some importance in your life. But a task may be ‘important’ but not urgent. Such as task has to be done, but not immediately. Other tasks need immediate attention (urgent). If one focuses on the important tasks first and later realizes that the time for the urgent ones is going out of hand, a ruckus is created. Hence, categorization of your tasks is important.
  2. Write them down– Writing them down helps. Pen down your tasks, either for a day or part of a day so that you do not have to remember them again and again. This will make life simpler and more smooth.
  3. Be determined– Time management isn’t a skill to learn in a day. It needs practice. And expertise will be achieved only if daily tasks that you pen down are completed. Order of the tasks may not be necessary to follow. The focus should be completing, rather completing every task mentioned. For this, one has to be determined and ready to put in the effort.
  4. Don’t forget to include sleep and exercise in the schedule!- No doubt tasks need attention, but so does your sleep and physical fitness, and exercise. Do not, under any circumstance, deprive yourself of sleep and exercise. Include them in the list too. Since a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body, ignoring these two and continuous hours of work is not advisable.

These are simple tips to lead a peaceful life by managing your time properly and be able to spend a quality life.


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