KARMA – Khushwant Singh


🔹️Karma is a story written by Indian writer Khushwant Singh.
🔹️He was born in 2 February 1915. He is renowned Indian Journalist, Novelist,Lawyer and Politician.

🔹️His notable works are History of Sikhs,Train to Pakistan.
🔹️He died in 20 March 2014.

🚉Journey Of Mohan Lal and Lachmi in a train🚉:

🌟Sir Mohan Lal is checking himself out in the mirror of a First-class railway waiting room.
🌟He started to criticises the Indian mirror for poorly made and admires himself as a good looking gentleman.
🌟The train is yet to come and he calls the bearer and orders a drink.
🌟Outside the waiting room,his wife Lachmi is sitting on a small grey steel trunk.
🌟She is Chewing a betel leaf and she is commonly dressed because She is a traditional Indian woman.

🌟She requests a coolie to carry her luggage and go to the platform for the inter-class women Compartment.
🌟The mam carries her bag and the two of them converse for sometime while she is eating.
🌟She tells the porter that she travels with her husband, but he is not allowed to accompany with her husband in the first class Compartment because her husband is a lawyer and educated in Britain.
🌟However, Lachmi is fat ,middle aged and uneducated women and both of them have no children.

🌟The train arrives at the platform and Lachmi enters the inter-class Compartment.
🌟There is a lot if noise and the passengers are jostling on the platform.
🌟Mohan Lal is calm and quiet and he is still enjoying his drink.
🌟He strictly follows the manners of the English.
🌟He rarely speaks Hindustani.
🌟He can talk on any subject like a cultured Englishman.

🌟He expects some Englishmen as co-passengers.
🌟In that case it will be enjoying Journey to him.
🌟Then he started to recalls his five-year glorious life in England and loves everything of thr country.
🌟However, Sir Mohan enters his reserved first class coupe and it is empty.
🌟He feels very sad and he begins to read the Times.

🌟After few minutes two English soldiers came and they looking fir a suitable Compartment.
🌟Sir Mohan is ready to welcome them.
Then the two soldiers ultimately choose Sir Mohan’s Compartment and they order him to gry out from the Compartment.
🌟Eventhough it is reserved, the soldiers do not care for it.
🌟Sir Mohan protest mildly.
🌟His royal English, Sahib appearance and the times come of no use.
🌟The soldiers throw all the belongings of Sir Mohan out of the train.

🌟Finally they push him out of the train .
🌟The train quickly passes the station leaving him on the platform.
🌟His wife,totally unaware of his train quickly passes the station leaving him on the platform.
🌟His wife, totally unaware of his condition, chews the beta leaves, spits and sends a jet of red dribble flying across like a dart.


🔸️Thus, the story “Karma” illustrates the famous proverb “Pride Cross Before a Fall” .
🔸️Singh says about false belief in foreign excellence.

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