On July 11 British billionaire Richard Branson and crewmembers (which also included Indian origin Sirisha Bandla making her third Indian origin woman in space) from his space tourism company Virgin Galactic, reached an altitude of 88 km from the deserts of New Mexico from where it took off. Reports pointed up they experienced three to four minutes of weightlessness and safely returned and the total time taken by them was approximately fifteen minutes. Although few doubted if it was space as it did not pass over the Karman line(100 km above the earth), the business community celebrated his feat and his competitors congratulated him. Virgin Galactic has already started receiving requests for reservations from the rich.

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stepped down and one of the areas he wanted to focus on post-retirement from the CEO job was space exploration. Talking of space who would not know Elon Musk’s SpaceX which persistently is working in this domain and who’s out of the space ideas and heavy experiments and trails is always making news.

But what is common in Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origins, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is that their main motive is the commercialization of space route. Unlike previous many space travel who’s main aim was expanding scientific knowledge through research, observation, and exploration this time the entrepreneurs are more or less involved in the “space race”, and their main motive- dominating the space tourism industry and or achieving the feat first. Anyways whatever the motive(unless not far extremely on the wrong side) given the leverage they have exploring the unknown, and the less-traveled road is not completely a bad idea and might bring us something exciting in the future. It would be exciting only when it does not as a result end up slowly poisoning and degrading the space like the other capitalist industries are degrading Earth.

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