Surgeon plays music in operation theatre during an ongoing surgery

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain-”Bob Marley.

Adhering to the above quote said by Bob Marley, music proves to be the most powerful weapon for anything related to pain. Beyond the fact that music acts as a relief against pain, it also completely cures any form of sadness that is extensive. The practise of playing music in operation theatres in order to reduce stress for both surgeons and patients is not uncommon. Whereas, not many of us are aware about this amazing practise of surgeons which has helped a lot of surgeries to turn out to be successful.

To be precise, Music has proven to be effective in relaxing stress hormones and reducing blood pressure. Prominently, classic music shows drastic effects and is verified to be beneficial in distress.

Many interesting surgeries were held while music was played in various forms and also performed successfully. One of them includes a surgery where a musician played violin while the surgeons performed Brain surgery to remove her Brain tumour. Well the musician was the patient herself! How amazing it sounds right. Similar to this, in 2017 a musician reported to have played violin, since the surgeon who performed the surgery found relief for his stress during the surgery. Again, the surgery was performed successfully. 

There are many such magnificent incidents like this occurred, which have proved to have more impact on both surgeons and patients. 

Nowadays, stress, depression, anxiety etcetera has become so common that many people started using these words on a daily basis. But one thing that stands out to be a stress relief for everyone is “music”. It has been reported that music releases a hormone in the human body which eases pain and produces a feeling of euphoria. 

One of the biggest incidents of doctors dancing to folk music in order to entertain covid patients stole many hearts and could be considered one of the best gestures ever. Music allegedly makes an aching heart and mind calm and reduces all kinds of emotions which leads to negative outcomes.

One of the most imminent types of music used in operation theatres are classical music. It is said that classical music gives a soothing feeling to the human mind mentally and physically. Listening to music in hospitals has become so common and getting played on a regular basis.

Isn’t it surprising and amazing to know how music plays a vital role in every corner of life and helps in manifesting peace all over. Some of the facts and incidents about music being played in operation theatres would just blow your mind when you get to know more about the phenomena. A patient playing music on an ongoing surgery on herself and doctors being very particular about not to disturb or affect any hormone that is related to control actions of her makes us understand that small things make huge differences and give beautiful results.