Top brands that represent India

Atmanirbhar, A word that entered every Indian’s vocabulary by the end of the year 2020. This gave a hype to use made in India products. people started to check for the made in India label. Now the era is of brands. Everybody wish to wear top brand accessories and cloths and drive a branded car. How can someone fulfil this desire while being Atmanirbhar? There are some brands which represent India and are listed at top. World has many brands, which appear as foreign brand by their names but are Indian.

The golden old times had brands like Parle-G, Vadilal, Godrej etc. The new era is dominated by these brands.

the royal enfield

As the name suggests, the brand is truly royal. It is an Indian multinational company. The headquarters is in Chennai, Tamil nadu. The brand was originally owned by a British company Enfield Cycle and was stared in 1893. In 1994 an Indian company Eicher Motors bought it and renamed it as Royal Enfield India. The brand is special and admired for its retro charm and the thumpy sound. The fuel tank is hand painted. The bike brand is known for its affordability. The bikes price starts at rupees 1.34 lakh and most expensive model is of 3.13 lakh. And it is not complex and easy to repair. Owning a Royal Enfield has been a matter of pride.

a Royal Enfield bike

van heusen india

It is a clothing band. The brand is under PVH corporation which is founded in 1889 and named after a Dutch immigrant john manning van heusen. The Indian section of this brand is owned by Aditya Birla fashion and retail limited. The company calls itself to be a fashion powerhouse. Aditya Birla group has a network of 3,212 stores across the country. Aditya Birla fashion and retail limited is the first billion dollar fashion house of India.

peter england

This brand is also a clothing brand. In 1889 the brand was founded in Londonderry of Ireland. The purpose of establishment was to provide khaki trousers to the British soldiers. The Brand entered India in 1997. In 2000 Aditya Birla group owned this brand. The headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka. The brand is the top men’s wear brand and has huge market. The customer base is estimated to be 4 million people. The brands target customers are the corporate employees. The brand offers collection of denims, festive wear, Indian kurtas, accessories etc.


The brand offers beauty products like cosmetics, skincare products and beauty saloons. It is India’s first cosmetic brand. It is the first to introduce makeup to Indian women and its been more than 50 years for the company for being a beauty brand. The main Idea of establishing a makeup brand of India was of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and He asked JRD Tata to execute this. The brand was named after a French opera coincidently which was derived from the name of the goddess Laxmi. Now also the brand tops in the popularity list.


This brand is also stared as a British company founded by William Lyons. But now it is owned by Tata motors from 2008. The models are still manufactured in UK and headquarters is in Whitley Coventry, England. The car is one of the luxury vehicle. The cars are very much classy and show a great performance. The car price starts at 46.64 lakh.

these represent some of the success stories of Brands. There are many more brands too in the market who represent India internationally. These are the examples that India can do a great job in establishing brands and can lead the world.