Top Places to study abroad with the most affordable prices.

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Some people always wanted to move different countries for their education and to upgrade their lifestyle. If you are one of them and have always had a mind to study abroad then here is the top 8 places to study with the most affordable price.

8. Taiwan

Taiwan in Asia is a one of the cheapest country to study abroad. The universities of the country offer more than 120 Courses which are taught in English. One of the top universities like  National Taiwan University ranked top 20 Universities in ASIA and 66th in the world. The fees for undergraduate programs can cost US $ 3350 and can go till US $ 4050. The cost of living is quite cheaper than other countries and it is US $ 2900.

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7. France

Paris, the capital of the country was named the best place for student and ranked 1st in a row. The cost of living may get expensive, but the school and tuition fees are way less than other countries. The fees are same for Local as well as for international students. A year back it was US $200 for a bachelor degree, and US $300 for the master program. If you think that your french should be fluent or you must know how to speak french to study in that country, then it’s not, One can easily study opting English while studying In France.

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6. India

India, One of the most affordable and the best country to study in Asia. The country is well known for its culture, Tourism, and the best education around the world. English is often used in High level education and in universities. The tuition fee varies with the different courses and universities in the country. The maximum it can be US $7900 and less in a year. The living is affordable and one can live luxuriously just with US $4700 a year.

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5. Malaysia

One of the best country for education with cheapest the cost of the student’s living and tuition fees. The capital city, Kuala Lumpur was ranked 1st by QS 2016 and named as the best and affordable city for the student’s living and education. The living can cost as high as 4000 US $ and the tuition fee varies for different courses, but maximum it can be US $ 4200 a year. They also have the International University’s branch for offering international degrees to the students.

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4. Spain

One of the most beautiful country around the world, Spain is one of the Cheapest for education as well as for living of students. It can cost 7400 US $ per semester for tuition fees and less and more, varies from different courses and a university. The cost of living is quite higher than the fees if one lives in the city, it can cost US $ 8000 per year.

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3. Sweden

Sweden was always set as a priority to study by a student. The country with one of the safest environment for the students and as well as for citizens. One who wants to enjoy his/her education while living in a beautiful environment and having a sustainable able, Sweden can provide all those facilities to a student. The tuition fee cost US $ 5000 per semester, which also varies with different courses and universities. The living cost can be up to US $ 8000 per year.

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2. Poland

If one can speak Polish and are prepared to give entrance exams for the courses in polish, then the tuition fee can costs US $ 0 to a student. There are many English based courses which can cost US $5000 per year and also varies with different courses and universities. The country’s capital was Ranked Under top 20 cities by QS for affordability.

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1. Germany

Number 1 in the list of best education all over the world with affordable costs. Germany is targeted by the students for their education the way of living. It has the reputed universities, International Branches and the best atmosphere for the education of the children. One can have a sustainable and balanced life for their education and living. The universities also help to build the extra skills for their children with 100% of its working in real life. The cost of living can be higher in the way of one’s living which is US $ 10,000 per year. The tuition fees vary from different courses and universities. It costs around US & 12,000 a year and one also can get scholarships as per their skills. One should set Germany as in their top of the priority list for their Education with affordable prices.

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Above All the country’s was listed as per their cheaper costs of living and education. There are countries like US, UK, CANADA and many others who offer the best education in the world, but their costs were higher than above all the above listed Countries.