What to do at home-making it useful-How to stay active

These times are difficult for everyone and most of us are either too tensed about work or have nothing to do besides sitting idle. It gets difficult to spend a single day now. So what can you do to make your day productive without getting bored ? You can follow some simple steps to enhance your skills on one side and make your day not go waste.

  • Start by waking up early morning

When you wake up late, the whole day already gets ruined to an extent. You will feel a burden of work left to do or you will find it difficult to spend the rest of the day due to the laziness built because of waking up late. An early morning routine provides freshness and energy for the whole day.

Start with a cup of tea/coffee or juice as per your preference. Apples are good to eat in the morning since are more effective than caffeine to wake you up. Make a to-do list if you have any tasks lined up for the day. After around half an hour, switch to exercising or do Yoga to stretch the muscles and start a healthy day with strength and good mood. It also helps to sharpen the mind and concentrate on your work. But do the exercises only to your capacity as a beginner. Take some rest after this by watching T.V or using your phone.

Photo by Angela Roma on Pexels.com

Next go to a green place which can be a park, your garden or just between your beautiful plants on the terrace or balcony. They provide peace to the mind and send good vibes with their greenery. spend some time with them by watering and taking care of them. Observe the nature through them; how they grow, what they need to grow, how to take good are of them and arrange them in a better way( use the plants to decorate the house, buy more to spread good vibes around the house…). Studying about nature gives immense pleasure and is always interesting to learn. You can do this activity before exercising as well.

  • Develop a New Skill

There are a lot of things to do at home which can not only help you remain engaged but also give a chance to enhance your skills or develop new.

  • You can test on cooking, for instance. Check on new recipes to water your mouth for lunch. Make for your daily dinner a surprise dish to merry on. This way you will learn new things while enjoying it.
  • You can also devote time to painting or stitching.
  • Maintaining a diary to improve your writing skills or pen down your thoughts.
  • Learning to play musical instruments or handling technical devices is another option.

You can enhance your existing skills too in the spare time.

  • Create an Environment

To move out your laziness and stay happy and healthy, it is important to maintain a cherishing environment where you will never be bored of staying. How is it to be done? The answer is to decorate your house in a bright yet simple way that it adores you and create a happy environment for you to stay active all round the day. Make changes to the routine set up of your room and turn over the sheets of depression and stress into joy. Paint your walls, add photo frames to it or some show pieces on the table. Make crafts by yourself to spend the time and enjoy the process. A happy environment will keep you cherished and active. Always try to do something different for Yourself.

  • Interact with People

It is not a good idea to distance yourself completely from the world. Keep in touch with your friends and relatives who support you and love to spend time with you. Arrange lunch or dinner with them, share your feelings and opinions. This help de-stress your mind and apply it to some productive work. It is a good way to freshen up your mind by chatting with friends and playing fun games. Staying alone is not good for mental health so, always try to be a part of some community, be it your neighbours or join some social help group to keep yourself engaged in some work along with interacting with people.