Delhi University: Societies-Importance for students

The Delhi University is well- known for its academics as well as extra- curriculum. It offers a variety of courses in its affiliated and recognised colleges. Students dream of getting admission to DU colleges. Equally are important the societies of DU as much is its academics. They upskill the students and provide a platform to grow and develop. Societies are a good way to improve yourself and prepare for the future. You can take part in any of the societies as per your (career) choice or hobby. It can be a single or multiple based on your capability to manage things but there are some procedures to be selected for a society in DU. Yes, you have to clear either interviews or auditions to be a member. Some are open societies too, i.e. anyone can enter them but you surely have to participate actively and do hard work to make them a success and make your college proud.

What do the DU societies offer to its students ?

  • There are a number of societies in DU which serve the needs of your career along with making you enjoy the membership.
  • It often makes up a small family or a big group of friends where age is no bar; all three year’s students enjoy and party together besides managing the society.
  • It not only builds a community but also introduce you to the corporate world. You get ready for the formal world by participating in the college activities and also get a chance to launch your own ventures.
  • The staff is very supportive in colleges and always ready to assist the newbies. You will never feel alone or bored once you take part in a college society.
  • You will always feel engaged yet enjoy the moments. There won’t be much burden of work but hard work is a necessity in them.

What are the types of societies in DU ?

  • Social service

You will find some student-led societies that work for the welfare of the people especially who are in need. They provide them assistance either by organising food drives or book donation, etc. to help them out. It feels great to have the youth concerning for the nation and putting forward a step to improve the conditions. The students work their best under the guidance of the college staff and sets up a good example for the upcoming ones.

  • Career related

They help the university students get an exposure to the outside world and sharpen their skills. They provide with opportunities to learn and explore. It could be either by assigning responsibilities in the society itself or outside, i.e. through placements in the corporate world. You will learn while doing and would never regret it. Such societies/cells prepare a student for the formal world full of responsibilities and new opportunities to grow.

  • Hobby / Passion

It’s not necessary to always worry for future, instead you should not worry at all since it spoils the joy of the moment. Think about the present and take up a role you would enjoy forever. There are dance societies, fashion societies, creative writing societies and many more which you can choose as per your hobby or passion to pursue. Usually, their selection process is not hard to crack. You will enjoy a lot in the activities of such society if it matches your preference.

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This is too less to say perhaps. The offerings and advantages can’t be listed better than the real experience a person gets. Besides societies, there are cells and units as well, which too, are student-led. The biggest opportunity and advantage is that the societies are run by the students themselves. They manage the operations their own way but in accordance with university rules. The exposure a student gets especially during college fests is hard to express in short lines. You meet the giant community of the university during fest season.

The societies surely have their own classifications and departments bearing responsibilities and hard work based on good knowledge. It seems easy but actually is difficult, to run such organisations at college level. You need to manage time for that and also grow along to keep up with others’.