The advent of Fashion trends in pandemic life

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“Your prolific life flares from the fashion you do, have, and live”. Indeed, fashion is one of the most prominent elements for millennials. The transformation has been one of the processes through which we all humans have gone through since the establishment.

                          Profoundly, pandemic life has changed everything in this course of life, the lifestyle, food we eat, and the clothes we all wear!

 Clothes are evident, and the fashion which we follow affects us posthumously. The fashion of 2021 is back on track with the easy peasy, breezy, comfy life. People are less bothered by societal norms and the trendy life rather than more into their comfort zone.

        Fashion affects human life more as it affects psychologically. As the season occurs, festive emerged, our taste of fashions fluctuates. Humans are uncertain and so their fashion too!

   The advent of fashion portrays us the new normal which we live in, work from home, chilling at home, fam – jam and so on.

Let’s talk about the altering in the fashion world, The mask, a protector weapon in today’s life. though it’s a new rule for all people but rather the rule has converted into a new trend. Women especially have an area of interest in the fashion world and this is how the fashion world aims at women’s society! whether it’s lipstick, shoes, classy dresses, or maybe a cute hat all is on the side of women.

      Women exist, so fashion exists! It’s humor but a reality that we have relied more on masks than other things. Our priorities lie to wear masks. Wearing a mask on any sort of dress makes them trendy. Certain trends of lipsticks have been distorted due to the arrival of the pandemic but it’s vague if we still use lipsticks on masks.

     Still, there is always a way to the dazzling notions in the minds of these crafted minds of the industry. Invisible masks, which are safe yet the best way to make a woman feel more glamourous and enthralling.

It has 2 faces for a matter of any sort of matter. Even fashion has its 2 sides, the pros and cons of masks showcase us how even masks filter up our inabilities to use them. Certain situations like eating, drink made this life more miserable for humans.

       Living with despair and abashed thoughts in the new life of pandemic where hope is the only element present in the world. Fashion made our lives more fruitful to have conventions on ourselves. Today’s fashion is more about having faith in oneself and being confident of what we wear in our life to enjoy our life with our comfort zone. How one can be more indigently glamorous in their way, living aftermath with a bright side with all those flickering optimism and yet not so according to the word.

 Today’s fashion is about you, not about them!

It’s a simple quote, yet a transparent difference one can look into it with their point.