Flower of Evil – A Perfect Thriller Drama to watch right now!

One of the most recent areas in the field of entertainment which almost worlds widely popular is South Korean dramas which are gaining huge recognition by providing amazing plot structure, captivating cinematography, and unique themes which are mind blending and are creating crazy fandoms among the 33% of the population from the whole world.

The Fandom over Dramas has been seen since some recent years where people are keenly interested in Korean culture and their beautiful language which keeps them intriguing to know their culture in depth.

The specialty of k – dramas is that it can be watched by any age category of people and is not restricted to any particular language. Though Language is a barrier, language is the reason why people are widely connected and making an emotional bond with these dramas which makes them feel swoon-worthy!

“Flower of Evil”  – A Crime thriller  Drama which is Cathartic too!

 In general, it is observed that Thriller Genres are often very intense and have a serious environment in their background. But taking this particular drama, Flower of evil has broken the wall of the thriller genre and added the essence of Melodrama in it. The perfect blend of Emotions, thrill, suspense, elements of relationships, love story and nostalgia, and a little action make this drama a perfect 10/10 to watch.

As we can see that the ratings are 5.0 with lots of positive feedback, as this drama has certainly gotten a  place in the heart of many drama lovers.

Amazing Plot structure:

Many times we see that though the storyline is fascinating the plot structure spoils the whole sequence of the story and makes the whole drama boring. Although this is not in the case of Flower of Evil, as the plot structure is incredible due to the excellent chemistry between Baek Hee Sung ( performed by Lee Joon Gi ) and Cha Ji won ( performed by Moon Chae Won ).

The plot becomes more interesting as it contains lots of twists and turns and make the viewers in a state of awe as every minute of the plot is important to watch or else one can miss the important key of the story.

Brief Synopsis of the Drama:  

The storyline is about a man who has an anti-social disorder and changes his identity and lived as  Mr. Baek Hee Sung who is the Husband of Ms. Cha Ji Won who is an Intelligent Detective. This lovely couple lived a beautiful life until Ms. Cha started to doubt his husband as the murder suspect of the sudden serial killings around their area.

Mr. Baek was a perfect father and Husband but lived a fake life by hiding his cruel past in which he lost his father ( Do Min – Seok) because of his father, Mr. Do was falsely known as the son of a serial killer.

But due to her wife, Ms. Cha, who cherished love in his life and made him a different person. She even investigated the 20-year-old case and brought justice to his husband by making him innocent in the case.

Flashback and Glimpse of Nostalgia  – A  Key Element

This drama always shows a series of Flashbacks at the beginning of every episode of the love story and the past life of the couple which is very touching. These Flashbacks make the audience aware of the background of the character development.

The characters are often living with the feeling of nostalgia as for some the nostalgia is sweet whereas for some it’s their dark past that is unforgettable.

These flashbacks also raise many queries in the minds of the audience who is the real killer? as all the characters are suspicious in their behavior which makes the audience blown out when they found out the real murderer!

Flower of Evil – An Alluring  Title

When the scriptwriter ( Yoo Jung Hee ) of this Drama was interviewed she mentioned the unique quality of the title which is mesmerizing and also the key center of the whole drama.

“Flower of Evil”, has been taken from Charles Baudelaire’s  “Book of poetry” called – “Les Fleurs du mal” ( The Flowers of Evil in English ). His poems were about the chaos and anxiety that arises when societal values, which should be clear-cut and black-and-white, become ambiguous and borderline.

Both couples are a symbol of the Flower of evil, as Baek Hee Sung is a character which cannot be considered good or evil rather he is like a flower of evil which is neither black nor red it is colorless, like the personality which the protagonist had.

Baek Hee Sung changed his personality from Do Hyun Soo to escape from the tragedy that happened to him in his past and to save her sister ( Do Hae Soo) who was the real culprit of the murder which happened 20 years ago in his life. Mr. Do had an Anti-social disorder due to which he didn’t feel any emotions, but due to her wife, he finally felt every emotion as he was accepted by her wife the way he was.

On the other hand, Ms. Cha Ji won is also considered as the Flower of Evil as she overcomes all the barriers which she had between herself and her husband and loved him eternally, transparently without judging his past life.

Symbol of the Metal shop – “Where the Rising Star stays”

The story behind the title of the  Metal shop is moving for the audience when they watch this drama. The Metal Shop was the place where Mr. Baek was the Metal crafter and named his shop “Where the Rising Star stays” as the title denotes the story of Greek and Roman mythology, where there was a god of a blacksmith named Hephaestus who had a terrible anger issue, he had a wife whom he cherished very much and was named “Venus” in English and was known as “Morning star” which was nicknamed as “Rising star”  which was relatable to the situation of Mr. Baek who cherished her wife very much.

Similar to Hephaestus, Mr. Baek had a personality that was not liked by anyone and that was the reason for him being anxious towards the judgmental society.

This drama kept the audience in a sense of emotional attachment as many incidents were sentimental. The ending is quite satisfying as all the characters were justified according to their will and their dreams.

To find your real  self: Major Element of the drama

This drama also provides a moral message of finding your true self which sometimes hides due to certain circumstances created by life and in the end, the person goes back to their real self and wins all the obstacles made in my life.

Mr. Baek is one of them who proved that he was not a psychopath with fewer emotions rather he had the grief of not meeting her mother and hiding her sister’s murder and running from his real self.

This drama is a perfect bunch of all emotions and makes the story worth watching by the drama freaks!

“When Everyone else was becoming a demon, Only Hyun – so remained a Human Being”

The Flower of Evil, Drama.