Money Hesist was first premiered in the year 2017 on Netflix. Since then it become the most popular non-english series. Previously in Season 4 of Money Hesist, the season was full of mystery, voilence and more of bloodshed than the prior season, which made the series to reach more than 60 million homes that exceeded all the prior season’s record. The Season 4 was made available on Netflix since, April 3.

The promotion picture of Money Hesist Season 5

Now due to the huge success Spanish Crime Drama Series, Money Hesist has a massive fan following eagerly waiting for the release of upcoming season. The phenomenal series has not yet finished to thrill it’s fans. Later , after season 4 internet was flooded with questions. Some questions where about mysterious incomplete ending of Season 4 while some asked towards the peculiarity about upcoming season. Some of the questions internet was washed away are:

  • Does professor died in Money Hesist?
  • Is La Case de Papel a true story?
  • Is Tatiana inspector Sierra?
  • Will Berlin be alive in season 5?
  • Did professor killed Raquel’s mum?
  • Did professor and Raquel sleep together?
  • Was Berlin alive in Season 5?
  • Is Tokyo Denver’s mom?
  • And many more…..

The glimpse of Season 5 cast:

Mario de la Rosa, who essays the role of Suarez in Money Heist season 5, recently through
his instagram handle he revealed his look in Season 5,in which he dressed up in black
police uniform. He’s personality in Season 5 took the excitement level of fans to the
extreme. The picture has been captioned with stopwatch symbol and began the
countdown, stating “A bomb is coming, exactly in two months!!”.

Mario de la Rosa Instagram post which reveals his look in upcoming season

As the actor himself posted his look on instagram, it rose a huge excitement among fans, and
the internet was surfaced by the actors post. The excited fans commented on the post with
fire symbol which represents how rampant or stunning piece of update it was for the curious

The most awaited:Release Date

As we all are aware about the fact that the Money Heist Season 5 is divided into two
volume,Volume 1 and Volume 2.The release date of the Season 5 Vol 1 is confirmed to be
3rd September 2021.The trailer of the Season itself confirm the dates,you can see the end of
the trailer.
Along with that the release of Season 5 Vol 2 is said to be 3rd December
2021.Netflix,through its official Twitter account tweeted the debut dates of both the volumes.

Money Hesist Season 5 Cast:

Netflix has also released the cast of season.The main characters are from the prior
season and some new faces may get introduced.
Úrsula Corberó as Tokio and Álvaro Morte as El Profesor are back for the new season.
Itziar Ituño, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Darko Peric, and Enrique Arce
have also returned for season 5.
Alba Flores’s character, Nairobi, dying made an remarkable moment within the international
series, and according to her comments in Money Heist: The Phenomenon, which is availablenow on Netflix, her Money Heist days are done.So accordingly,in upcoming season fans may
not expect Alba Flores’s character.
Money Heist season 5 has cast also have Sense8 star Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick
The revealing of cast has made a exciting environment among the fans for Season 5,it will
be also interesting to see how favourite our character come to an end in the upcoming
Money Heist Season 5 Trailer:
Netflix has posted the official trailer of the finale season on its official social media accounts
and on YouTube as well.Along with the trailer release dates are also revealed.
Releasing trailer has gave us a glimpse of the upcoming season which has made a spirited
atmosphere among fans, leads to more paid subscribers which in turn becomes lucrative for
the producer.

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