Mystery Fiction With Hercule Poirot!

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

  • Neil Armstrong

Today’s article introduces the wittiest fictional character Hercule Poirot who is a renowned detective in Agatha Christie’s novels.

Those of you who aren’t acquainted with Agatha Christie, she is a popular British author, known far and wide for her Mystery Novels. Agatha Christie makes use of amazing diction and accentuates the interesting British culture through her stories.

Getting back to the main topic, we interviewed M. Poirot, a French Detective who very calmly elaborated on writing Mystery Fiction. So, let us begin!

“Hello, M. Poirot! It’s So Nice To Meet You! We Are Glad To Have You Here With Us Today!”

“Bonjour! Enchante. Pareil Ici. I feel honoured to be here today! Merci for choosing me!”

“Please Don’t Mention It, M. Poirot! We Had Explained The Purpose Of This Interview On Call, That Is To….”

“Explain the Writing Process of Mystery Fiction. That’s right! Je Sais Cela! Shoot away your questions!”

“That’s Great, M. Poirot! So, My First Question For You Is That Does Writing Fascinate You?”

“Oui! It does. Writing as a whole is a fascinating process because it introduces you to an entirely new world of imagination which does or doesn’t exist. I enjoy reading more than watching videos or movies because reading doesn’t unravel the mystery of the characters easily since we are unable to view the facial expressions of the characters. And, I think, Je Pense, facial expressions reveal almost everything about the character and the suspense factor no longer remains. Thus, words are far better than actions! Anyway, Hercule Poirot loves mystery, il fait!

“That’s A Great Perspective! What Do You Think About Mystery Fiction?”

“Are you talking about Writing Mystery Fiction eh?”

“Yes, M. Poirot!”

“As far as Writing Mystery Fiction is concerned, one needs to have immense passion and love for the genre d’abord, because mystery needs correct framing of incidences that too in such a way, so as to not reveal or disrupt the suspense factor at any rate! You must have the talent of making the most unexpected person, the criminal at the end through twists and turns! Mystery Fiction is all about the efficiency of the writer in engaging and gluing the readers to their story! Alors, il faut y travailler!

“Interesting! So How Do You Think Can Mystery Be Written Effectively?”

“Comme je viens de le mentionner, firstly passion can make writing mystery interesting. Secondly, the most unexpected twists should make up the story. Then, one should make sure that the setting used is appropriate for a murder or any other sort of mystery you wish to cover. Also, one must show many suspicious characters throughout the story so as to confuse the readers and conceal the main culprit. The unveiling should be done at the end! Je voudrais suggerer murder mysteries when writing fiction, because they are way too mind boggling. However, writing them requires special talent as I stated above. The other thing is to create a character who would help in de masking the culprit just as I am, Le Sage Hercule Poirot who knows everything! This is what makes mystery difficult because there are many characters here and there are possibilities of getting bemused when writing such genres because of the large number of suspicious forms throughout the story. That is exactly what we call the talent. The talent of working with so many characters without messing up and weaving the story accurately with all the twists and turns expected!”

“That Is So Useful. So, If You Had To Recommend Writing A Genre To The Authors Out There, Which One Would Be Your Choice?

“It depends on whether the writer is a beginner or a professional. I would recommend the fantasy genre to beginners because getting into mystery requires some amount of expertise. The fantasy genre doesn’t demand much of the suspense factor thus, making its inclusion optional. Et Selon Hercule Poirot, Suspense is one of the most difficult compositions.

While professionals have the red carpet to trying all the possible genres. So, Oui this is my recommendation!”

“Thank You So Much M. Poirot For Giving Your Precious Time To This Interview. I Hope We Didn’t Disturb Your Schedule!”

“Non! Not at all! There isn’t any recent murder case up yet! But the Spanish Chest Murder Case has hit the newspapers and grabs my attention! Good old Miss Lemon is working on extracting some more information regarding that! My schedule is crystal clear now, so Ne T’inquiete Pas Cher, nothing is disturbed.”

“Glad To Know That M. Poirot! So, Would You Like To Give A Concluding Statement?”

“Certainement! I would like to conclude stating that everybody can write. You just need the will to begin and the passion to imagine. Write in a good state of mind and consider the requirements of the readers. Don’t set a time limit or deadline when resolving to write because that sets a limit to your imagination which is an infinite concept and can’t be subjected to a time interval. So, just remain calm and patient when writing. Begin writing and embrace the art!”

Thank You So Much M. Poirot!