Should India be more welcoming in homosexuality??

The ages old and most divine Indian culture always emphise that person is all about what they do .Your karma is the only way to judge you . Your ‘ Karma’ defines your character. The influence of the western culture has made the youth to forget what their true culture was . Homosexuality is not something which is different from the world .Its as normal as Human eat to survive.

*Being Homo is not a choice
Homosexuality is not choice that given to the people ,its already exist in the world like male and female do. Its not something that have been created out of a sudden from somewhere.Its been there since the creation of the world .Still the question remains the same ,how something which is already very normal have to become normal .Why is it like that?

*Why is it like that??
The hatred towards LGBT was due to Victorian Era laws .The British bring the laws which descreminate LBTQ community . Moreover ,they are the one who brought article 377,which banned Homo marraiges in India.Indian were much more intellectual than the Westerns .It was a country were love was celebrated in each and every form.
*What we should do now??
We should welcome back the culture that we have .Love is just love ,the purest form of emotion and lucky are whose who can feel that emotion.
Its important to normalize it ,the way it was years back. Celebrate Love, in which ever form it is.

The knowledge seekers of Indian culture might know about our culture but the people who belive that Homosexuality is not” Normal “are the one who needs to get some education as they are most illiterate people in the world. Its high time ,we are in twenty first century , people need to understand that something which is already normal ,just because you don’t feel that It is right ,is not going to change anything.

We should be more welcoming towards the LBTQ community . Acceptance is a journey ,its going to take a lot of time but coming out and accept yourself the way you are ,is a choice and you can do that.
Celebrate love…..

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