Loco pilots stopped Mumbai to Varanasi train midway to save elderly man.

In a shocking incident, an elderly man trying to cross rail tracks was saved by the quick action of loco pilots of a running train. A video of the railway staff rescuing the elderly man stuck between the tracks was shared on Twitter by the official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Railway. The incident took place near Kalyan station, Mumbai.

In above picture, we can see it.

“Alert Loco Pilots of Mumbai-Varanasi train (02193) applied emergency brakes immediately after starting the train from Kalyan station & saved the life of a senior citizen who was crossing tracks,” captioned alongside of the video. The picture shows the staff helping the man out from under the railway engine. The man came out without a scratch.

“Please do not cross tracks in an unauthorized manner. It can be fatal,” adds the caption.

Please be careful while crossing the railway tracks, we can get into grave danger if we are not alert.