Sustainable agriculture in India


  • Introduction
  • Sustainable agriculture in India
  • Need for sustainable agriculture
  • Methods for sustainable agriculture


Sustainable agriculture simply means doing agriculture efficiently with
the limited resources present without using the future generation

Sustainability shows the balanced use of resources. The excess usage
of the resources leads to the lack of the resources for the coming
generations. So, it is important to use all the resources in the right
and in the efficient way.

Sustainable agriculture in India


Sustainable development is the management of the resources which
means the development of all with the help of the resources we have
and to use those in such a way that the resources used will be less but
the work done will be maximum which will save the resources for

India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. India is known for its
efficiency in agriculture from the Indus Valley Civilization.
Government of India is continuously working for the sustainable
development in the agriculture as most of the people’s occupation in India is farming.

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched in 2007 for the overall
state agriculture development in India which aimed for the better
coordination and to produce a good quantity of crops with lesser
resources. Krishi megh program was also introduced after the Rashtriya Krishi
Vikas Yojana its main aim was to inculcate the knowledge of doing the
agriculture in an efficient way.

Inculcating education to farmers can change the production quality as
well as the production quantity.


Sustainable or we say the correct use of the resource will not only
save the excess usage of the resources but will also protect us from
the ill effects of the over usage of the resources.

Let’s see how

Water – So the excess usage of water in agriculture not only wastes
the water but also highly affects the fertility of the soil. Since due to
the over water in the soil the ground soil loses its grip and the fertile
soil flows away with the flowing water.

Sustainable agriculture management

Fertilizers – Fertilizers are used for the proper growth of the crops but
its excess usage destroys the crops.

For all this the right education is necessary. Sustainable agriculture helps in the good production of crops.


  • Proper usage of fertilizers.
  • Inculcate education of new technologies to farmers by
    organizing webinars.
  • Agroforestry
  • Contour Ploughing
    These are some of the efficient methods which are used and
    must be used for the sustainable agriculture.
  • Drop irrigation