Organic Farming in India: The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

Introduction The term ‘organic’ was first coined by Northbourne, in 1940, in his book entitled ‘Look to the Land’. In recent years, organic farming as a cultivation process is gaining […]

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Sustainable agriculture in India

Methodology: Introduction Sustainable agriculture in India Need for sustainable agriculture Methods for sustainable agriculture INDRODUCTION – Sustainable agriculture simply means doing agriculture efficiently withthe limited resources present without using the future generationresources. Sustainability shows the balanced use of resources. The excess usageof the resources leads to the lack of the […]

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Future of Indian agriculture

Agriculture in India is livelihood for a majority of the population and can never be underestimated.Although its contribution in the gross domestic product (GDP) has reduced to less than 20 per cent and contribution of other sectors increased at a faster rate, agricultural production has grown. This has made us […]

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