An Ideal Student

Qualities of an ideal student

Many people regard bookish knowledge to be the ‘all and end-all’ of education. This is not correct. Real education means overall development of the personality of the student. Therefore, an ideal student is the person who takes interest in all activities of his educational institution. He is good not only at studies, but also at games and other activities outside the classroom. He does nothing, which may bring disgrace to him, his parents, his school or his nation. He tries his best to become an ideal citizen.

An ideal student is diligent. He always tries to excel others in his class. He sets an example for others by his actions and behaviour in the school and college. He brings name and fame to his school. Discipline, respect for elders and good manners are his chief characteristics. He makes his mind, body and spirit strong to meet the challenges of his future life. He believes that a sound mind lives in a sound body. He is very regular and punctual. He does everything at the right time and in the right manner. He does his duty faithfully and sincerely without thinking of the reward.

An ideal student always tries to develop good habits and pleasant manners. He is polite in speech. He is always ready to help all those who are in need of him. He is honest in his dealings with others. He always keeps only good company. He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and he is always keen on learning something new. An ideal student always devotes enough time to reading books of common interest, and the works of great men.

An ideal student is a model person. He is never proud of his achievements. He is confident and brave. He can express his views frankly without fear and favour. He is steadfast in the struggle of life and faces all challenges boldly and cheerfully. He can never think of using unfair means in an examination.

Restraint and self control are the chief characteristics of an ideal student. He thinks twice before he speaks or does a thing. He never uses impolite language. He never misses an opportunity to serve his fellowmen. He is objective and considerate in his approach. He hates the sin but not the sinner. He is God – fearing and does not have malice to anybody. He bears a good moral character. An ideal student is aware of the fact that,
“If wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
If health is lost, something is lost;
But if character is lost, everything is lost.”
An ideal student today is the citizen of tomorrow.

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