Appearances can be deceptive

Focus on your inner beauty. Outer beauty will draw people to you, inner beauty will keep them in your presence.

Jay has his first blind date today. But he was already super late as it was pouring rains outside.
Somehow, finally he managed to reach at the place on time where he supposed to meet his date. He was really nervous. Then a beautiful girl came to him and said, “ Hi! This is Riya. And you are Jay right ?“ Jay stood dumbfounded and just nodded his head up and down.

Riya seemed a total opposite personality to him, she was one of them, who lives their life in present without any stress of future, who believe in enjoying the moment while we are a part of it because one never knows which moment would convert into our last moment of life. She was kind, cute and a bit moody too. Jay was already in love with her, say if it’s her smile, her cuteness, her selfless behaviour or her idea of living life.

Before the day would come to an end, they stopped by a coffee shop. Jay had already fell for her. So, he decided to confess that he liked her and as it seemed that she liked him too.
Jay hesitantly said “ Riya, I like you. Can you be my girlfriend? “
Riya turned around and said, “Jay I wanted to tell you something. Just listen me up first”

A year ago, a guy and his family members came to my place for a marriage proposal. And like every girl does, I also wore my mom’s saree and did everything like a typical Indian girl does when someone comes to see her but that guy unfortunately rejected me and his reason was that I looked like an old fashioned typical village women that day.
We didn’t exchange words or talked for a single second and yet he came up with a decision that I’m not his type. You tell me is it judge someone based on his clothes and outer look?
Jay said “ NO, it’s really wrong, looks can be deceptive”. Riya smiled and said guess who was that boy was Jay Shrivastava, it was – YOU.
Look at the irony, that you don’t even remember that a year ago you rejected me because of this silly reason and today after spending some hours talking to me you say you like me. Whoa time really flies. (Jay was just listening everything silently cause he knew that it was his mistake and he was ashamed of himself). Jay I want to marry someone who will love me and not my outer looks, someone who’ll love me no matter what, the one who won’t judge me cause of my looks. Sorry and thank you for this amazing time I spent with you but I can’t be your girlfriend.
Riya *leaves*

Don’t judge someone based on their appearance because, appearance can be deceptive.