List of Emotions: 54 Ways to Say What You're Feeling

The word ‘emotion‘ is derived from a Latin word ‘emovere’ which means ‘to stirr up ‘ ,to agitate ‘ or ‘excite ‘. Emotions play a very significant role in human life . These are related with internal needs of human beings . Emotions stimulate the mind and as a result emotions became intense . During the stage of emotion an individual appears to feel impatience which enhances physical and mental readiness . To understand the clear cut meaning of emotion , the following definitions may be beneficial :

  • According to Mc Dougall , ”Emotion is a moved or stirred up state of feeling in an individual, linked with some tendency. There are physiological changes associated with each emotion frequently of a muscular or glandular nature”.
  • According to Gates , ‘Emotions are episodes in which the individual is moved or excited”.
  • According to Woodworth, ”It is a moved or stirred up state of an organism. It is a disturbed muscular and glandular activity”.

In simple words , emotions is any strong agitation of the feelings actuated by experiencing love, hate, fear, etc., and usually accompanied by certain physiological changes, as increased heartbeat or respiration and often overt manifestation , as crying or shaking.

Indeed, emotions appear to influence action in various ways. The stronger the emotion, the greater the activity to which it will give rise. It is a well-known fact that emotions disturb our logical thinking . Whenever any emotion is aroused we usually lose our head; functioning of our vital organs changes due to simulation of our nervous system . Emotions change our face expression . Under the influence of emotions , sometimes we are not able to perform the activity naturally . During emotions impossible thing can be made possible. Sometimes under the influence of emotions simple things become complex and intricate.

As a matter of fact, various emotions play a very significant role in the field of games and sports such as fear, anger, pride, jealousy, anxiety, frustration, worry, hope, enthusiasm , vitality, confidence, joy, etc. The emotions of fear, anger, frustration, pride, etc., have a negative effect on the movement of muscles . In fact, such emotions should be under control for better performance in games and sports.