Female foeticide is the process of finding out the sex of the foetus before the birth, if the foetus turns to be a girl, then the mother must undergo with abortion. Although this is all illegal but till it is practice in many parts of Indian. By the side of this there are some people who practice female infanticide that means killing the girl child after she is born. This leads to the decline in the ratio of boy is to girl in our country. This decline in the sex ratio means that we are taking away the human rights of girls not only this we are the reason behind not giving them rights to live.

This practice needs to be banned before it is too late as both boys and girls have equal right to live. In order to prevent their rights, we need to forbid the practice of dowry system, child marriage which are practiced from long time.

Despite of having a strong Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act, it is a high time to strengthen this law, since the number of cases regarding female foeticide are still not less. Preference of boy child or having the first child as boy has became the tradition in every Indian household especially in rural areas. Many parents also give more importance to the boy child, thinking of that he will be their backbone after they get aged and will take care them during their old age. But the reality is, once boys reach the age of manhood and starts to earn wealth and gets all the facilities, they soon forget their parents and leaves them and gets settle with their wives and kids to live an independent life.

Now the time has changed, today we can witness many temples specifically build in the names of women. In Tamil Nadu, these temples are knowns as ‘amman’ temple, ‘ammavaru’ temple is called in Telegu belt whereas in Kerala these temples are know as ‘bagawathi’ and so on in many parts of India. There are many festivals on specifically for female goddess like Navratri which is celebrated of 9 days and nights in the name in Goddess Durga.

But we can still taste the bitter truth, when it comes to bearing a girl child or when a family gets to know that their daughter-in-law is pregnant, they soon conduct or follows the superstitious activity and ask only boy child should be born. I still do not understand this dirty logic behind this.  

After 73 years of Independence, living in 2ist century it’s our responsibility, not to encourage such dirty practice.

Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Saina Nehwal and many more are the females who made their parents and India proud. It just we need to give them their right and see what magic they do.

To abolish this practice government also launched campaign “save the girl child”.

At last, but not the least, boy or girl they are God’s creation, accept what he gives. Never ever destroy at the stage of development itself, you never know she can be another Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla and give you a chance to be proud of her. Do not forget betiya ghar ki Lakshmi hoti hai (girls are consider as Goddess of wealth).

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