First Cake of India

Cake, the word itself makes us joyful, it being a part of our life from more than an era, in our birthdays, Christmas, for saying goodbye, or celebrating our small to big success. It is always present in our small to big events
But how it started, it a story of 1883 when the country’s first cake was made.

In 1880, in a coastal town of Thalasserry, Kerala, A businessman Mambally Bapu who ships milk, tea, and bread to British troops in Egypt decided to start his bakery shop to popularise baked stuff in the local, as that time there used to be just one bakery in the country which was just for the British.

He had mastered the art of biscuit making in Burma, returned from there, and set up his small bakery shop named it Royal Biscuit Factory, he began with producing 40 varieties of biscuits, bread, and buns, the interesting thing was that he uses local toddy for fermenting until the British started importing yeast into the country.
But how the idea of the baking cake was started, it was few days before Christmas in the year 1883, Murdoch Brown a British planter who started a cinnamon plantation in Anjarakkandy got off his carriage walked straight to Bapu’s shop along with a rice plum cake in his hand which he bought from England. He asked Bapu to taste the cake and asked him if he can bake one just like this.

Bapu immediately agreed, Brown gave him a 10-minute demo of the basics of cake baking, handed him some bunch of the ingredients that included cocoa, raisins, dates, and more dry fruits, and suggested French Brandy erstwhile Mayyazhi for Christmas purpose, but Bapu had his own idea about this project. He made the mould from a blacksmith in Dharmadam, chose rich spices from farms along the Malabar coast, and using a local brew made using cashew apple, Kadalipazham, a variety of banana he gave a desi touch to it.

On 20 December 1884, Bapu presented his cake to Brown, after tasting the cake Brown was amazed and certified as one of the best cakes he ever had, and order dozen of it. His made cake become a sensation in the locals and Bapu’s business becomes a hit, after that followed year he established bakery chains in different parts of the states.

Today, it has been more than 130 years since Bapu presented The first Christmas cake of India, Thalassery becomes the Leader in the cake industry of Kerala. Till now, every year in the time of December it is a rush in their bakeries just for that Christmas cake with the same recipes, not just local but from USA and UAE, they get huge orders every year.

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