How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Have you ever presented a project or delivered a speech in front of your classmates or a bunch of people? If you have, then it is called Public Speaking. Public speaking is a way of communicating information to a crowd through your speech. To present to a bunch of unknown people, confidence is must and the speaker should be a good communicator to start easy conversations with a large audience with absolute engagement.

However, a few people face problem interacting with a large crowd. Such people have a fear of publicly engaging with the people. When addressing a massive crowd, they fumble with words or their legs tremble or they experience severe public anxiety. Nowadays, it is absolutely essential to overcome this fear of anxiety of speaking in public to gain the necessary confidence to engage with society. To overcome this fear, use these easy tips in becoming a confident public speaker.

Whenever you want to present, always plan out the structure of your speech or presentation. When you plan the sequence of your presentation, you don’t get nervous or leave out the part of your speech. You always stay on track. Flashcards can be used to remember the order to be followed. Prepare the questions you might asked. If you get asked a question you were not expecting, wait, think and then respond with confidence.

“Practice makes man perfect”. Keep practicing until the big day. You can ask somebody to help you with you speech by being a temporary audience. This way you get acquainted with presenting in front of an unknown person. Once you present, ask for the feedback and work on it accordingly.

Before stepping on to the podium, take a deep relaxing breath to calm your nerves down. Say to yourself, “You have got this” or “You can do this”, this helps you gain confidence to face the audience and you present without any fear.

Focus on the material you are going to present and not on how the audience is reacting to it. While presenting make use of appealing visuals and sounds, such new methods will lure the audience into paying attention to the speaker. If you feel you have lost track of your speech, keep going and audience will eventually cheer you and support you.

THINK POSITIVE. Always think you are going to present wonderfully. Many have had failure in public speaking because of negative thoughts of how the performance might go. Don’t ever think you will mess it up.

Praise yourself after the speech. If you make mistake while presenting, don’t worry it happens to everyone. Don’t be too hard on yourself and be extreme critical. When you make mistakes, work on it and do not let it affect your next presentation. Move on while also keep in mind, what you need to work upon.

You can take a pause, if you go blank or feel nervous. Taking a pause is not against the rules. Take a deep breath and start again.

Lastly, if you think need external help, then approach people who provide training in improving public speaking skills. Support groups can be joined that help you cope with your anxiety.

Fear and anxiety can be minute or mentally straining but you if you genuinely want to fight this fear, persistence and willingness is vital. Keep practicing and you will be a flawless public speaker.

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