India Rejects use of Israeli software Pegasus (What is Pegasus?)

Today, the Indian government is facing allegations that they have used Israeli software, Pegasus, on Indian citizens. And this allegation has been leveled on every government of the world except the Government of India.

[Israeli firm’s spyware found on phones worldwide post says]The government is using the Israeli software Pegasus to spying its own citizens.

And this issue has also been raised in Parliament and the government has simply said that we have never misused the software. But strange thing has been seen here that the ruling party is BJP at present. And he has some members of parliament. For example: Subramanian Swamiji who is saying that Pegasus was used to keep a watch on its own Minister Various, Politicians, Influencers by the government.

Here you see that this is his tweet: Strong Ramour that this evening east, the Washington Post will publish a list of all the people who have been spying by Pegasus Software.

Those which are from the ruling party are also demanding that its investigation should be done. And the Congress party is also saying that we need a proper investigation. And we want us to know how Pegasus software has been used by the Government of India.

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a very advanced spyware. Spyware is a type of malware, Malware means malicious software. There are many types of malware for example: ransomware is also a type of malware It will hijack the computer and then ask for a ransom to get the computer’s files realized. Spyware is a type of malware, as the name suggests, spyware is used for spying. And Pegasus is developed by Israeli private company NSO Group These people say that their spyware is world in a best, it can hack any person’s phone. For example: WhatsApp, chat, calling, chatting with someone or any other app, any other person can see all the information coming of Pegasus.

And then this question comes tao our mind that how Israel’s NSO Group will sell this software, is there no issue of human rights?

So of course there comes the issue of Human Rights but if we look on the website of NSO Group, it says That we focus on Global Security and Stability These people say that apart from the software we have, Pegasus, these people do a lot of software development .And main target is to catch all these terrorists, criminals and drug trafficking through Pegasus. And if the government thinks that there is a terrorist but there is no evidence against him, then absolutely Pegasus is used here to catch them.

if we see, thousands of lives have been saved through Pegasus. Terrorist attacks have been stopped because of Pegasus. And many criminals have also been caught. So Pegasus has been put to good use so far.If we think, Pegasus is a very powerful tool in itself. Anyone can spying with it.Anyone can open it and see, whom he is talking to, what he is talking about, everyone can

So the allegations are being made on Sarkar that Sarkar is the spying figure of his own people The national security of the country is less here for its personal interest. And these charges apart from the Government of India and Azerbaijan,hungury , Kazakhstan, bahra,saud arbia,rwanda,morocco,mexico Like in the countries too. There have also been allegations against these countries that their government is using Pegasus to keep their government stable in their country.

all these allegations are being levelled together by 17 media organizations. Like: The Guardian, The Washington Post and The Wire from India and many other media whose articles we must have seen. These 17 media organizations gathered and they published a report According to them, Pegasus is being misused in all these countries and they do not have any evidence yet, they are just making allegations. And it was also raised in October 2019 that all Countries is misusing Pegasus. The software which is made for criminals and terrorists is being used by the government for politics. But there is nothing like this to keep your government stable.

What the government said?

So the government has to say that we have not tampered with the privacy of the people. The government says that right to privacy is very important according to the constitution of India. The government says that freedom and speech is a fundamental right. The government has is not spying any innocent person. And the government has rejected all these allegations.

So all these allegations against the government are false.

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