Internships-What is expected vs What we get

Internships are an opportunity for the freshers to get an insight into the corporate world by performing assigned tasks and duties. They provide real world experience to the college students to prepare for their future.

Usually, internships are unpaid. Even then the students apply and work for the companies just to gain experience in a field (since jobs demand experience). However this is becoming a problem now. How ? Read on to understand the issues that both the students and the companies are facing.

Be it big or small, profitable or non-profitable; companies make a call for the interns whenever they need the workers. But the problem is that it is not easy to get an internship. Getting a good job was already a trauma but internships too are going the same way.

Students search for internships that address their concern. Majorly they require a good internship that offer a certificate of completion along with a letter of recommendation(LOR) to them while supporting skill development. Getting a paid internship is a feather in the cap. But it is becoming rare to have all these features in a single offer.

What is the issue about Internships ?

Aspirant’s point of view

  • The offered internships don’t match the requirements and those which match, are not offered to the aspirant.
  • The task or work is manual and doesn’t support individual growth.
  • LOR is not provided after completion
  • No skill development
  • Good internships demand good skills from the candidate- Those willing to learn it don’t get the opportunity
  • Fear of fraudpersonal info gets public through applications and resume
  • Full time work with no incentives gives pressure and tension
  • No direct communication
  • Some also require experience of work.

These are major issues faced by the interns applying for the internships which is why the employment rate is low even when the youth is ready to work. They work without being paid for the internships, with full dedication, just to gain some experience for jobs but the sad part is that the internships have also put forward the requirements of experience in various fields. Now, where would people go to learn something new! Of course they need practical knowledge since the books only cannot guide in how to fix a place for yourself in the world. You definitely need some practical knowledge and experience of the operations in this world.

Employers’ point of view

The companies want those individuals in their organisation who are capable of handling its daily operations, deal with clients, manage funds, etc. For this they seek good interns with proven ability of handling tasks and complete work on time. No firm hire people who don’t know about the corporate world or doesn’t have advanced knowledge since their aim is to succeed, not to teach.

This makes up the gap between the job seekers and givers. The givers are either too expecting or are underestimating the potential of the applicants whereas the seekers are either not interested in the job or they don’t have the required skills.

What is the need of the hour is that there must be a platform where the focus is on skill development without pressurizing the people. The aim should be to make the youth capable of working in the corporate world. Also, the firms should volunteer such programmes where the interns be provided with proper training and incentives while working. This would ultimately increase the worth of the organisation, both economically (through trained individuals) and socially (by working for the welfare of the society and its people). The employment rate and productivity will see a rise.

Only together we can achieve the goals. We all should show responsibility on our part and work for collective welfare. The gaps need to be filled. No one is born perfect but it is the environment that makes us worthy. Let’s create an environment where opportunities are available for everyone and all the resources are tapped. Each of us make a useful resource. What we need is a platform to early access it and put it to work. There is surely a place for everyone in this world!