“JULIUS CAESAR” biography

“Julius Caesar” was a Roman consul. He was born in Rome on 12 or 13 July 100 BC. His father’s name was Gaius Julius Caesar and mother’s name was Aurelia Cotta. His father was a politician after this sudden death of his father in 85 BC all the responsibilities fell on the 16 year old Julius.

At that time there was a civil war going between this uncle Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla. He was nominated to Peete new high priest and got married to Cornelia, daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna, Marius biggest ally. Sulla was victorious in the war and his new target was Ceaser. In a bid to save himself from Sulla, Ceaser decided to go to Asia for military service. He came back only after Sulla death he started his career as a prosecuting advocate and studied philosophy temporally in Rhodes. In 69 BC, he was elected the quaestor by the Assembly of people and later as curule aedile in 65 BC. He was elected as pontifex Maximus in 63 BC. In 59 DC elected senior consel of the Roman Republic by the centuriate assembly. He was in desperate need of the consul money and Pompey influence. Thus the informal union, called the first Triumvirate was formed. His discontentment led to the start of the Gallic Wars, in which remaining parts of France and Germania was annexed to Rome. He then waged wars against many other Nations. Altogether, Ceaser conquered 800 cities, subdued 300 tribes, sold a million slaves and had another 3 million killed in action.

Pompey married Cornelia Metalla, the daughter of Caesar’s greatest enemy Scipio. In 50 BC, Caesar was asked by the Senate and Pompey to resign, he refused and in order to avoid prosecution, he fled to Italy by crossing the Rubicon river and civil war broke out he marched his troop to Rome and conquered it in 49 BC and then spent the next 18 months fighting Pompey. Pompey fled to Egypt after being defeated by Caesar frightened that Caesar wood invade Egypt, the young Pharaoch, Ptolemy VIII, had Pompey killed and presented her head as a gift to caeser. After caeser was declared Dictator he established Police Forces, introduced land reforms, abolished taxes and re-established the tribune system. The Roman calendar was according to the movement of the Moon so Caesar changed it according to the sun’s moment just like the Egyptian. Even the Rome had its senate, the real power was with Caesar and they were scared of Rome being governed by a king Caesar did not wish to become the king but the fear of the republicans let the Senate to conspire against Caesar. On the ideas of March Caesar was assassinated by the senator’s. His second marriage was with Pompeia from 67 BC to 61 BC. He got married for the third time to Calpurnia Pisonis in 59 BC. ” IT IS EASIER TO FIND MEN WHO WILL VOLUNTEER TO DIE, THAN TO FIND THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO ENDURE PAIN WITH PATIENCE” Said by “JULIUS CAESAR”.

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