Binge worthy k-dramas

Korean drama or popularly known as k-drama are television series which are made in the Korean language and made in South Korea. These days, these dramas are popular worldwide due to the spread of the Korean Pop culture which attracted many more audiences and now it’s appreciated everywhere. They’re also easy to stream as subtitles in many languages are offered. They’re also very engrossing and compelling. In this article, I’ll be writing about 5 such k-dramas which will forever be my “all time favourite”.

1)Hotel del Luna:
This drama was aired in 2019 and was loved by many fans. The genre is Romantic Comedy and Dark fantasy. In the heart of Seoul, we can find a curious and peculiar hotel which is very antiquated and something very new to the sight. This hotel is only visible to ghosts who have grudges from their lives and Jang Man Wol ( IU) is the establishments acting CEO. She is a bitter, greedy and materialistic soul who spent the past thousand years in hatred as she can’t leave the hotel because she is tied down to by a deity so she doesn’t self destruct herself with rage and mania. The only way she could escape that life of hell is if she gets over this hatred and finds love.
Things get interesting when Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) shows up. Fate ties them together. He is the youngest assistant manager to ever work there. He is forced to work there because of a deal his father made with Jung Man Wol. With his arrival, things start to change around her life and the hotel. He’s an excellent money manager and therefore starts to put her affairs and financial situation in order.

2) Sweet home:
Sweet home was aired in 2020. The genre is Korean horror and Apocalyptic and post – apocalyptic fiction. It’s about a boy named Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang) who becomes a loner after an incident which caused the death of his entire family. He then moves to a new apartment. Not soon after his move, strange things begin to happen around him and throughout Korea. The strange event is that people start to turn to monsters and Hyun Soo and the other residents need to fight these monsters in order to survive.

3) It’s okay to not be okay:
This k-drama was released in 2020 and this is a romantic genre and rated really high among fans. The male protagonist Moon Gang Tae (Kin Soo Hyun) is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who is favoured and privileged with smarts, a good looking face, ability to sympathize and patience, etc. On the other hand, the female protagonist Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) who seems selfish, rude and arrogant.
The whole series is about how one person who doesn’t allow love to be in his life and the other one who doesn’t know what love is, fall in love and defy fate, finding themselves in the process.

4) Vincenzo:
Vincenzo is a dark comedy released in 2021. Park Joo Hyeong (Song Joong Ki) was abandoned by his mother and went to Italy after being adopted. He is now known as Vincenzo Cassano. He is employed as a consigliere for the Mafia. Due to the war the Mafia families have been in, he flees to South Korea and his involvement with Lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) begins. She is the type of attorney who would do whatever it takes to win a case and never backs down from any challenge. Their main aim is to defeat the corrupt and twisted conglomerate and prevail justice.

5) My roommate is a gumiho:
This is a romantic comedy which was released in 2021. Shim Woo Yeo (Jang Ki Yong) is a nine tailed fox who is about to complete his 1000 years on earth without transforming into a human. His main goal is to be turn into a human in order to not disappear. He is a smart, rich and handsome writer. He collects human energy through a bead in order to become a Human. Lee Dam (Lee Hye Ri), a university student who accidentally swallows his bead and for the sake of him turning into a human, he decides to protect Lee Dam who has the bead with her. They end up living together and face many struggles in their journey.

I recommend these k-dramas for audiences who are just getting into the K-pop culture freshly. These are perfect for beginners as these 5 k-dramas explores many genres and you can later add on to your list of things to watch after making yourself acquainted with this side of entertainment.

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