Psychological facts that you don’t know?

What are some psychological facts that people don’t know?

Research shows we are more interested in learning about psychological facts that we can use to improve our understanding of our surroundings or can relate to our every day experience. So learning an intriguing psychological fact that I can’t connect to my life, can’t understand easily or explain to my friends is something I consider less important. So here go the facts that are no way something out of the universe and people don’t know. They are rather facts that we all know but we just need to be told once again to be amused!!!

1-you dream TOO MUCH about becoming something, you may lose the motivation. This is because dreaming too much makes the destination all too familiar and achievable.

2:If girls like you, they like you even when you see them staring.

3Talking with someone for a long time increases your chances of falling in love with him.

4If the friendship lasts more than 7 years, it has a high probability of lasting a lifetime.

5Our fashion and dressing understanding is directly related to our brain. Our confidence increases when we wear nice clothes.

6.People who eat a lot of vows are more honest and loyal with their friends.

7.According to many research, children born in the month of May are heavier in weight than children born in other months.

8.Money can give happiness to a person but only to a certain extent. Studies show that when our income increases to a certain point, we feel happier. After that point money does not matter that much.

9.Research shows that we are more satisfied when we spend money on experiences (such as travel, movies, sports, etc.) rather than buying property. Spending money on experiences makes us feel more sociable and stress-free.

10.You can only remember 3-4 things at a time.

.Being alone for a long time or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, both are equally dangerous.

.When you start missing a loved one, your mind suddenly starts to become depressed.

.People who react rapidly to Stupid questions or situations are more intelligent by nature.

.Online dating companies and online shopping companies use the same type of psychological pattern.Humans think the same when choosing objects and partners.

.People who get angry very fast are under deep stress at that time and they need love and belonging immediately.

.People who talk to themselves are smart by nature.People with sharp intelligence and high IQ levels are more likely to sleep late at night.

.When people talk in groups, 80% decide that they are complaining about someone’s evil or complaint.
.Our mind feels any kind of rejections (non-acceptance) as physical pain.
.According to an American study, about two serial killers are born in November more than any other month.
.People seem more attractive when they speak with full confidence and truth.

.When people want to leave a discussion or conversation, they repeatedly move their feet back and forth, or start moving their legs around.
.When you like someone wholeheartedly, it is almost impossible to lie in front of him.
.When we sleep too much, we start sleeping more.
.When we constantly think negative things, our body starts feeling like sick.
.We keep ourselves happy by keeping ourselves busy with work. The reason is because when we are busy, our brain prevents us from thinking about the negative things in our lives.

.The addiction of eating chocolate and shopping online is also dangerous than smoking, drugs and sex addiction.
.Restaurants use red, orange and yellow colors in their branding because these colors make us feel hungry.
.People who are adept at lying are also adept at detecting the lies of others.
.Our brain does not consider those works which are too long to be completed. Our brain gives priority to the works whose time limit is above the head.
.Most people speak the truth when talking late at night because being tired, the brain does not think much and respond honestly.
.We feel relaxed and refreshed when someone hugs. When someone hugs you for more than 20 seconds, we start trusting that person more.

.To laugh at a joke our brain has to work in five different parts.

.Marrying your best friend reduces the risk of divorce by up to 70% and increases the likelihood that this marriage will last a lifetime.

.When people who speak more than one language change their language from one language to another, their gestures also change with it.

When we see something as our right, then it is more likely that we buy it.Women whose friends have more number of men are more cool and in good mood.

.If you repeatedly talk about your goals, it reduces the chances of that goal being successful.This is because you lose motivation…….Sometimes we are more happy thinking about something than doing something………People who spontaneously criticize or criticize others lack self-respect.

.As soon as people get power or power in their hands, they start ignoring other people.

.Strengths teach any human being not to care about others.

.Our brain turns a boring job into a fun job in a moment. If we really want to do that work.

.About 68% of people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome. In this we feel vibrating our phone while the phone is not actually vibrating.

.The person who keeps everyone happy is usually lonely and unhappy in himself.

.You cannot remember how your dream started after trying so much.Our mind cannot see unknown faces in dreams. We have directly or indirectly experienced all the faces seen in our dreams.

.When we are happy we get less sleep.Holding the hand of a loved one can reduce our stress and make us feel more calm and happy.If a person sleeps a lot, he may feel sad and lonely.

.The kind of music we listen to, the world starts to look the same to us.

.When we do not have full confidence in anything we say, we start defending it.

.A person who pretends not to care usually cares the most.Our brain always tries to find problems because it is designed to solve them. This is the main reason why we have to face problems again and again.It is very difficult to keep your mind or mind stable or calm in one place. Our mind wanders 30% of the time.

.People who have good ability to understand humor or satire. They are also adept at reading people’s minds.It has been observed that people quickly believe a rumor more than a true incident.

.Being optimistic about the future can reduce the likelihood of future anxiety and illness.

.The length of our tongue is directly related to our sexual curiosity or sexual curiosity.

.Negative Thinking can also be the result of a zene from your parents.

.The way people treat restaurant employees reveals a lot about their personality and character

.Men are not more funny than women. Men only make more jokes, they don’t care whether someone likes jokes or not.

.Our brains prefer information written in short and interesting ways instead of long boring articles. This is why articles like Top-10 Lists, Amazing Facts quickly go viral. This post is an example of this.
.70% of the time our brain keeps trying to create a good environment with the help of nostalgia.

.Some people fall in love in just 4 minutes. This thing has been proved psychologically.
.When people say that ‘you have changed’, they mean that you no longer do the work that you need. The rest has not changed anything else in you.
.People who laugh more have more ability to bear the pain.
.We can never make our mind 100% careless. Some part of the mind is always alert to itself.

.Love is an example of chemical reactions taking place in the brain.
.Comedians and satirists are more sad and lonely than ordinary people.
.We can easily express the things or events that make us uncomfortable, by writing them to speak.
.We can cry more easily at night than during daytime.
.People with high IQ levels have difficulty falling in love with someone.

.Many studies have shown that on average women cannot keep any secret talk for more than 47 hours and 15 minutes.
.We feel calm, relaxed, and happy by listening to loud tunes and fast music.
.If you make your favorite song your alarm then you start disliking it.

.Researchers found that Phobia (fear of a particular thing or condition) can be genetic. Phobia and fear may transfer from your parents to you.
.These interesting psychological facts are not necessarily true, different people may behave differently in different situations. Psychology is a complex thing and it changes with every human mind.

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