When we are careful with fire , electricity and chemicals we will be safe.

We have to follow certain simple rules. These rules are called safety rules.

Let us see some of the rules to be followed

Don’t play with fire

Be careful when you have to light a stove with a match stick.

Be careful while using blades or knives

Use a sharpener to sharpen pencil. Don’t use a blade and knife. You may cut your fingers, if you are not careful.

While putting on switches be very careful

Don’t touch any open wire or open socket. If you touch an open wire or socket, you may get an electric shock. Don’t touch a switch with wet fingers.

Don’t drink anything from a bottle without finding out what is in it

Sometimes kerosene or phenyl will be stored in empty water bottles. So make sure what is inside the bottle.

Don’t peep into wells

Don’t bathe in a pond which is very deep. If you don’t know swimming, don’t bathe in a river.

Follow traffic rules

While crossing the road, use the zebra crossing. Cross the road only when the picture of a walking man is seen in the light. Anyone driving a vehicle has to stop if the traffic light is red and get ready when it is yellow and start when it is green. If we do not follow traffic rules, we will meet with accident. Don’t put your head or hand outside the window while in a car or train.

Don’t get into or get out off a moving vehicle. If you do so, you may fall down.

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