First, let me start my article with a question. What will you do in you spare time or free time these days? Everyone would answer that since it is pandemic time we are in home using gadgets in our free time right. Now, this has been the trend these days. Okay, let me put it this way. What will you do in your free time before pandemic. The answer is gadgets only. We have been immersed in the world of gadgets these days. What is a leisure time, guys? It is to make yourselves and your mind to set free of thoughts. But how can we say, using mobile phone in free time set your mind free? Just think about it. Now, let me tell you about the spare time these days and spare time during the late 20’s.

I think the 90’s kids and early 2k kids are the ones who enjoyed their spare time carefree even without a mobile phone. Because the environment and generation they grew up is like that. There will be only button phones those days. These kids in spare time, if they are farming family, those kids would do farming related works such as to feed the cattle, goats etc. If they have no work in their home, they would go out early and come home late in the evening. They would even be scolded those days. Do you have any idea how they spend their time?

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Mobile phones those days

They spent their time by playing, cricket, kabbadi, etc., but most of them would play outdoor games. They used to swim in the well, catch fish and eat, roam around the area they live, and so on. Girls would spend their time by playing indoor games like dayam, chess, snake and ladders etc., because most of the girls are not allowed to go out too far. Parents those days never worried about them. But think about it now?

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These 2k kids might not know the craze for icecream. Since, I’m an early 2k kid, I know how I waved for eating ice-cream. Also, the ice-cream van would come once or twice a week only. The kids would please their mom or dad, to buy that icecream. The taste in the icecream that we craved for is shown in everyone’s face. Then, if it’s some function or some ritual days, there will always a moving toy shop. The kids would torture their parents to buy them plastic mobile phone, balloon, remote control car etc., The happiness lies in these things. Sorry, 90’s kids, I think I have recalled your past beautiful memories, right? There won’t be private mobile phones for everyone. This is the major advantage I would say. Orelse, will you have those unforgettable memories? Let me ask you one thing. Those 90’s and early 2k kids, did you miss those days?

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Now, when we come to talk about the life of children these days. Let me start my talk with a question. If your mom asks you to call neighbour aunt or uncle for something whose house is 200m away. What will you do? I would say you will definitely use your mobile phone to call them. But things aren’t like this those days. The kids now-a-days lives a sophisticated life since childhood so that they don’t know how to face a problem. The kids these days are very sensitive. When you parents say not to use mobile phone often, definitely you would scold them or pick a small fight with them. Parents now-a-days worry about their children so much. They fear what to do if you go in a wrong path. Most of the children won’t go out to play these days. If you ask them, they would say I have allergy or some other silly reasons. Because their entertainment lies in those gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, etc. I didn’t oppose the use of mobile phones but use it to a certain extent and don’t get addicted by that. There may be a chance that the children would go in wrong way while using these gadgets. There are negatives equal to the positives of the gadgets. The games that kids play now-a-days is free fire, pubg, ludo,etc. But they don’t know about indoor and outdoor games. I’m sure that the kids these days would definitely miss their childhood days and that would be the thing they regret in their life. So, kids make your childhood memorable dears!!

Use gadgets limitedly

Spare time is to relax yourselves and make you mind set free from other thoughts or continuous work. These facts fits for elders too! As I said, Since it is like a debate, I will stand on the side of spare time those days (late 20’s). This doesn’t mean that I am against gadgets, but they are just for need. Those gadgets are not life. Okay, we have gadgets now. What will you do one day without gadgets? Guys, you must also know to spend time without gadgets. I hope you will think better and will live a healthy and happy life. Spare time is relaxing yourself not engaging yourselves in gadgets!!!

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