The Stripling Faces Insomnia: Know the reasons


The teenagers are so full of positive energy, so full of life and so sleepy. Research shows that most of the teenagers do not get the sufficient amount of sleep as they needed. Every individual has their own need for sleep. This need may vary from one person to another. Teens are at an other important stage of their growth and development. Because of this, they need more sleep than a normal adult. They need at least eight to nine hours of sleep at night to feel fresh for the whole day

Teen sleeping problem start as early as 13. The sleeping habits and changing bodies of 10 to 12 -years have a close link to the teen years. The sleep patterns of teens are also firmly set in their lives. It is not easy for them to change the way they sleep. Thus teen sleep problems can continue well into their years as adults. For this reason, information found in these articles are for age 10 to 25 years of age

These are two main factors that affect how sleepy or how alert you are at any given time in a day. The first is how long it has been since you last slept. This is called the sleep-wake balance. If you stay awake for too long, your sleep wake balance will be off. This will make you sleepy.

The second factor that affects your level of sleepiness is your internal body clock. This clock controls the “circadian” means to occur in a 24 hour cycle. This clock controls the “circadian rhythms” in your body. The word ” circadian” means to occur in a 24hr cycle

Most teens will sleep much better if they simply develop the habits of good sleep hygiene.

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