Waris Dirie – the desert flower!

When I was a child I said ‘I do not want to be a woman’. Why, when it is so painful and so unhappy? But now that I am grown I am proud to be who I am. But for the sake of all of us, let us try and change what that means, to be a woman”.

The above said words was evinced by Waris Dirie, the Somalian modelist, actress, author and human activist. This blog neither narrates her life, nor discusses about her book. But about; how much daring she is to break the humiliating custom of Africa. Even now, there exists some traditional practice in Africa and in certain Middle East countries in the name of custom and relegion; the humiliating genital mutilation. And mostly female are affected by this. This ritual is taking place in Africa for the girls at their young age, before getting married in order to not to lose their virginity. Waris Dirie had also been through this painful thing. It required for her to stand in the limelight in order to reveal the truth to this world; but it’s defenitely not gonna be possible for all to become a public face to reveal the crime that’s happening against one’s life. Nearly 60 girl children’s had to undergo this harmful thing and 2 out of 4 girls face death due to this ritual. Their life would be filled with pain all throughout the life; especially whenever they consummate their marriage and during their pregnancy.

Waris Dirie, the flower from a cornered desert, was fated to bloom through that painful life and she didn’t even expected that she would become the founder of Desert foundation. It required for her to run 300 miles without even some food or water, and has faced more dangerous humans than animals. Life has offered her some good opportunities to uplift herself to the next level, only when she ran away from her existing place. When she had undergone an operation in her future, in order to cure the circumcision; she had reported that she could pass her urine without any pain. Such things makes me acknowledge how blessed I am right now. And it also makes me realise that life doesn’t offer the things that we desire for, that easily. We come across many suicidal cases and at times we are carried away by the sadness behind those news. Her life made me to realise that one should not give up at any point to end their life.

The greatest thing about her is, she had accepted whatever that is done against her but she didn’t let any instance to change her real self. She can also be termed as the iron lady who remained still at all the bad things that was imposed against her and she tried to grab each little opportunity without any expectations. Now she became the activist and found the Desert foundation. The foundation; along with the UK agencies and World Health Organization is involved in rescuing the victims for such mutilation. She, herself set as the example of how to live a life inspite of all the hardships. I wouldn’t like to convey how she made me feel; but it is definite that she would have made you to realise something that is really worth of your time.

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