What is happening in South Africa ?

Many Indian has been killed recently in South Africa. After Jacob Zuma’s arrest, president of south Africa triggered looting and violence in the country

Why Jacob was arrested ?

Mr.  Jacob was president of South Africa from 2009 until 2018, for the corruption.

Jacob Zuma is first president to be sent to jail in South Africa.

 He was imprisoned for 10 years in 1963 for fighting the racist system of apartheid in South Africa. He also went into exile in 1975. He was also charged with raping a family friend.

 Now, He was charged with contempt of a court made up of South Africa’s most senior judges.

 Jacob said that it is as same as or worst than a death to keep him in jail in this pandemic.

At least 200 people have been killed during the widespread unrest that lasted nine days.

Why Indian being targeted in South Africa ?

The death count of South African Indians reaches almost 270 in South Africa.

Many markets and supermarket have been looted and burned of south African Indian by pro-Zuma rioters.

The issues between South Africa and Indians started with a Saharanpur-origin business family, “the Guptas”. Gupta’s were closed to Zuma and influenced other in allegation of corruption against the Zuma and fled to Dubai.

After this pro-Zuma started attacking Indians. They looted their home and shops. Indian women also receiving threats of rape.

The behavior against Indian and looting their market is criminal not racism between them.

Targeting the whole community due to someone is never be an option not Just.

Amid rising cases of Coronavirus, South Africa is facing humanitarian crises also.

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