World’s Easiest Language.

There are many languages in the world and it is not possible for a person to learn every language. But the one language that helps everyone to communicate is English. English is a language that is globally used and helps the people all around the world. But it is not an easy task to learn to learn this language. You will need time and efforts to learn this language.

But someone at a time thought about making it more simple. So that everyone can easily learn the language. This helps you to learn the language in a simple way. The language have simplified the grammar and have shortened the words to make them easy to remember and understand.

The language is called PIDGIN. Pidgin means a way of speaking a language that defines the use of simple words only. The language highly includes words from English, Portuguese, and Dutch language.

The language does not have any hard grammar, no long words and no crazy sentences. Instead of using words that my sound confusing, the language has used simpler words to describe things and make it simple to understand and to pronounce. Such as , Instead of using university they refer it as Big School and To Library as Buk House. The language has also made changes in the way to spell the words.

The language also does not have 26 letters as all around the world. They have remover four letters from alphabets. These letters are C,Q, X, and Z.

The language has helped to establish a communication among the 800 tribes of Papua New Guinea. The big number of tribes have big number of languages and it was really hard for the tribes to communicate among themselves and to communicate with others as well. But now with the help of PIDGIN Language the tribes can communicate among themselves and to the outside world as well.

The language also helped the tribes to communicate with each other. With being able to understand each other clearly the tribes have less fights cause they can understand each other very well.

The language is now an official language inthe country of Papua New Guinea alog with Western African Countries and in many places around the world.

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