6 things that a student can do during this lockdown

With a country gradually coming out of lockdown. Schools and colleges are still closed so the student has no other way than spending time with family.even though some institutions are conducting online classes the students are still finding it tough to be at home. Here are some ways to spend time productively at home.

  1. Yoga

Exercising improves strength and agility and can help build your immunity in times like these. Meditation can help you destress and relax. It will help you inculcate a lot of energy and boost your stamina. Also, do not forget to maintain a healthy diet.

2.spend time with family

This is the best time to spend time with your family. During your busy school or college lives, you may not get enough time to talk to your family and spend quality time with them. Help your parents in the household chores or spend some extra time with your grandparents.

3.Watch good movies and shows

Whenever we have some time on our hands, we tend to put on the television or watch a movie or a tv show. However, during this quarantine, do not rewatch the same ones again. Instead, look for something new on topics that interest you. This way, you will get a chance to educate yourself about interesting topics.

4.Read a few good books

It is always good to get lost in a good book. They are the perfect way to spend long lockdown days. Read genres that interest you. You can now find books online and don’t even have to step out once you have read through your entire bookshelf.

5. Learn a new language

Learning a new language gives you an edge over the others. They count for a meaningful addition to your resume and will also help you in your career. You can opt for online classes and apps that offer easy ways to learn a new language. It is not only fun; they add a lot of value to your professional life.

6.play old games

Children spend so much time on the internet, playing video games. However, the charm of the good old monopoly board or the chessboard is still the same. These are the games we still go to if we have our cousins over and want to have a good time with your family. Now is the best time to get back in touch with those evergreen board games

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