Feminism: A Myth

All over the world people are misguided about the word feminism. According to you what does feminism mean? Is it to put men down and rule the world or is it to enjoy everything a man can? Let’s discuss about various myths and the actual meaning of feminism and the significance of it in a women’s life.

According to the Oxford dictionary feminism means “the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men“. In more simpler words feminism is all about the equality between men and women and have the freedom of everything that they wish to do. Some people argue that they believe in ‘equality’ but they have no belief in feminism. Feminism has been made critical despite of it being a very simple concept.

From ancient times women are pointed out for the way they dress and for their aspirations. They have been constantly told to dress in a certain way and to live their life according to the norms of the society. Women are fighting for their equal rights from centuries for there right to vote, right to speech and freedom. People in the society have framed a woman according to their needs and expect them to fulfill their expectations. A married woman taking care of her husband, her in-laws and looking after their children is considered to be the ideal one whereas if she wants to work and be dependent, she is criticised and often being questioned on her motherhood. Similar type of Criticism she faces at her work place. These are the basic yet essential inequality that a women regularly faces.

Women-Women Conflict regarding feminism

Sometimes women also take feminism in a wrong way. They think that being a feminist means to humiliate men and they often misuse their power of being a women by falsely accusing a men in a crime. This is basically pseudo feminism. Women around the world debates for the real meaning of feminism which sometimes leads to conflicts. Some women of old generation are also against feminism and consider it as uncultural.


  • Feminists hate men.
  • Feminists are angry.
  • Feminists are unattractive and not feminine.
  • All feminists are lesbians.
  • Feminists are all pro-choice.
  • If you are a feminist, you cannot be religious.
  • All feminists are career women and do not support stay-at-home moms.
  • Feminists are Bra- Burners who hate sex.
  • Feminists can only be women.
  • Feminists don’t believe in marriage.

If you have ever found yourself saying “I’m not a feminist, but I am for equality,” then ask yourself why you do not claim the title? If it is because of the misconceptions of what a feminist truly is then empower yourself to raise awareness about what feminism is really all about. 

Feminists are all about equality between genders– which means feminists don’t want women to be more powerful than men any more than we want men more powerful than women. What may seem like a discriminatory act against men is actually an attempt to level the playing field between men and women.

While huge strides have been made towards complete gender equality, a great deal of work remains to be done, both in India and abroad, including the gender pay gap, access to reproductive healthcare, protection against sexual assault and violence and gender representation in media, among other issues.

How a Guy Can Be a Feminist?

Basically feminism is not only committed to changing negative stereotypes about being a woman. A large facet of feminism is understanding streotypes about masculinity and its effects on society and what it means to be a man. If you care about equality for your mother, daughter, grandmother, girlfriend, a friend, who is female then feminism should be important to you. Additionally, feminism is about equality for all marginalized groups- equality for those who are LGBTQIA, disabled, and ethnic and racial minorities. Caring about feminism means caring about people who fit into these categories.

Being a feminist is not something to be ashamed of. It is the right of every person who believes in equality for all.

Thank you for reading!