How Content Writing helps grow your business .

Haven’t you always been fascinated by those catchy caricatures and witty slogans by companies like Amul and Zomato? Everyday when I pick up the newspaper, the first thing that I make sure to read is the Amul advertisement. I’m not going to lie but I have always admired how they make those with subtle touch of wittiness , the recent trends and also the love of their brand.

Whether it’s a small caricature or a slogan or short articles ; a company’s strategy towards it’s content writing has always worked. How you ask ? Well for starters , I always buy the Amul products , not only because they have this unmatchable quality, but also the way they use their content to market their products and also keep their customers up to date with their accomplishments.

Scoopwhoop, The Quint ; are very popular names right now. I agree that the basic agenda of these companies is content creation, but the way they have build up a blended marketing strategy; has really helped their business evolve. And most importantly , because of their trusted content, many popular brands and organisations join hands with them to get the right exposure in the market . And believe it or not , it really helps!

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Let’s talk about why should a company really invest in its content writing program.

1.Helps put your company on the radar – With regular update regarding the company’s status and also a bit of attention paid to the other relevant issues , people are sure to be talking about it. And this helps put your company on the map.

2.Helps increase the consumer base- When you can very effectively tell the audience about your products and solve all their queries, the customer base is sure to expand. Clearly and effectively mentioning the details about the products and any other related things worth noting, really helps build a relationship of trust between the company and the customer.

3.Words can surely make or break the game– It really boosts the marketing strategy of the company. Many companies approach content writers to pen down their achievements and aspirations that can be imprinted into readers’ minds.

4.Boosts search engine rankings. – Also when your content grabs the public eye, people can’t help but know more about the business and their story. And this will surely shoot those search engine rankings right through the roof.

5.Helps the company become more socially inclusive-It’s the 21st century and it’s more than important to have a voice that to for the right cause.Companies and organisations that keep themselves updated with the recent issues and actively put forth their stand , surely earn the respect of their customers. They can constantly update their websites , social media handles with short but powerful articles to tell people that their customers and their rights matter to them the most . This really helps in building a very healthy relationship between the two.

Netflix and Amazon also evolved with their growing consumer base with help of brilliant content marketing through those catchy slogans or sweet anecdotes. Words really matter, especially when you’re using them to pitch for your brand.

Brown history recently became number 1 Instagram handle for South Asian stories. Now this page further helps the brands connected with it to grow effectively.

Many content writing companies in India have understood the importance of words and are making sure that they put them into use wisely. Companies have to understand that their blogs, posts really impact people. Hence they need to be careful with the kind of information they want to be endorsing.

Having a great rapport with the customers through words – sounds like a very beautiful and effective plan.

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