Is love depleting from the world of humans?

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“Love will find a way through paths, where wolves fear to pray”, as beautifully quoted by Lord Byron. Indeed “Love”, is one of the purest elements in the whole universe, which makes our world more beautiful.

Why do we love? Is it important to love others? Should we love ourselves? There are endless unexplored questions that make us think about it. For a poet, love is like seeing those dazzling stars at night, for a painter, love is beauty gifted by nature, for a philosopher it is something beyond existence. But one common thought which provokes in every human is that love makes us unite, it gives us harmony and a sense of comfort towards each other.

Love is illusioned in our minds, in our hearts, but yet it is fading somewhere from the world of humans.  Somewhere, we humans have forgotten how to love each other.

 We are living in a generation where humans are rebellious and have detached from the emotional state of being. In the Contemporary world, people have forgotten about love and its profoundness. Whether it is self-love, to love others, Humans are having a neglecting behavior when it comes to love and gratitude.

This era is an era of remorse! An era where we are afraid of each other. Humans are toxic to each other. Where people don’t care for each other.

Gone are the days when the world was a beautiful place with all the precious jewels of mother nature. Now our world is a place filled with hatred, jealousy, evilness towards each other. Humans are in a motive to devastate each other for their desires and to let down other humans.

The love is no more the love that was there in the 18th century when Romeo loved Juliet had an eternal for each other. This was the time when love was the most prominent role for all humans to perform. Humans are the most threatening creature on our earth which is not only depleting love but also depleting humankind.

Love is no more than the love we had!

We have lost all our ethics and norms and living a misleading life. Often, we are living a life that has become a misfortune. We are living beings with shallow hearts. We have created a world where faith and trust no longer exist, and if it all is found we are burdened with societal pressure that we fall apart from our convictions.

Love is considered feeble, rather is one of the most vigorous things in the universe.

But as we say there is always hope for all. Love never dies and so we are alive till love exists. It all depends upon us and our convictions that how we perceive it.

In the end, to conclude we can say that why to deplete such a beautiful thing from the world. Let’s make a world more alluring than it is. Let’s make the world a paradise by loving and caring for each other.