Successful people without Formal Education

Nearly everyone thinks that to be educated, one must attend a formal school. This belief has led to many being illiterate or semi-literate, as they have been programmed by society to accept that you need a diploma or other degree to be considered educated.

There is more than enough practical and historical proof to debunk people who secretly grade others according to educational qualifications “many” “many” times over. These people believe themselves to be better than one who hasn’t studied in the four walls of a classroom for a higher level degree.

We’ll look at a brief description of people who rocked the world without going through any or a great deal of formal education. We’ll also know what it takes to obtain a formal education, if formal education is necessary at all, and if the current global education system actually improves or hampers knowledge acquisition.

THOMAS EDISON : this guy was expelled from school because his teachers thought he was too slow to learn. After his expulsion, Thomas studied at home from his mother. She taught him to read and write. He worked hard and experimented a lot, until he invented the light buld, motion picture camera, and stock sticker, which the world relies on today.


ALBERT  EINSTEIN:- Perhaps the most intelligent people the world has ever seen, this scientist started off his education poorly. In Germany, he only reached the standard of a “bad student” and his results for various entrance examinations were insufficient to get him through. He was a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest physicists of all time. Einstein is known for developing the theory of relativity, but he also made important contributions to the development of the theory of quantum mechanics. Relativity and quantum mechanics are together the two pillars of modern physics.



AISWARYA RAI :- This former Miss World is now one of the greatest actors in the country. She has garnered appreciation and success because of her work in and outside India. Little people know that this successful actor gave up her college education in order to pursue a career in modeling.


AZIM PREMJI :- Founder of WIPRO, this is one of the most prominent businessmen in the country. But, I bet you didn’t know that he dropped out of college! He is an Indian business tycooninvestorengineer, and philanthropist.


SACHIN TENDULKAR :- Perhaps the best cricketer ever produced in the world, this Indian has been one of the most successful people in the country. Yet, due to his cricket career, Sachin gave up his education in 1989. Sachin Tendulkar has been the most complete batsman of his time, the most prolific runmaker of all time, and arguably the biggest cricket icon the game has ever known.


DHIRUBHAI AMBANI :- He was an Indian industrialist who was the founder of Reliance Industries, a giant petrochemicals, communications, power, and textiles conglomerate that was the biggest exporter in India and the first privately owned Indian company in the Fortune 500. Considered the most successful businessman in the country, this man made “Reliance Industries” what it is from scratch. As a child, Dhirubhai was not a good student and was extremely impatient. Despite being extremely intelligent, he did not do well at school. He gave up education while he was in college to take a job in Aden.


MARY KOM :- Mary Kom became the first Indian woman boxer to win a Gold Medal in the Asian Games in 2014 in South Korea and is also the first Indian woman boxer to win gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.This ace boxer had to give up her education in order to pursue her career in boxing. She went on to become one of the best female boxers India has ever seen.


KAPIL DEV :- Kapil Dev was the greatest pace bowler India has produced, and their greatest fast-bowling allrounder. This former cricketer led the Indian Cricket Team to its World Cup victory in 1983. He is often considered to be one of the best cricketers of India. But, he gave up education between his schooling.


BILL GATES:- He is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, along with his late childhood friend Paul Allen.Several times richest man in the world. He dropped out of Harvard, only to later build one of the most successful multi-national corporations of our time.

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