WhatsApp and its advantages

Photo by Anton on Pexels.com

WhatsApp is one of the best and popular messaging app in the world right now. Through WhatsApp, an indivisual can send text messages, photos ,audio messages, documents, contacts and many other important and useful things.It is known for its simplicity. Every person who have a smartphone with him ,even though if he does not like other social media platforms, but WhatsApp will be definitely installed in his smartphone.

WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum .WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible messaging and Presence protocol. after installing WhatsApp ,it creates an account using ones registered mobile number as the username. After that, WhatsApp is ready to use.

Now I want to discuss some key points that why WhatsApp has become so important and popular in todays life.

Advantages of WhatsApp

  1. First of all , and the most basic advantage of WhatsApp is it is free of cost unlike normal text messages from phone in which we have to pay for each and every message. WhatsApp allows its users to send messages free of cost.

2. In WhatsApp , we can not only send text messages to each other, but also many other things. WhatsApp allows users to send voice messages if we are not comfortable with texting messages everytime.it supports voice calling as well as video calling. we can send any document to others( in pdf or any other form ) upto a limit of 100 mb. We can send any one’s contact to each other who is asking for it in a well mannered form instead of noting the mobile phone in a piece of paper than giving it. We can also share our live locations .

3. It also has a feature of deleting the message before receiver has seen it . Messages which are sent by mistake by us or due to or any other reason .This feature is not available in other apps. It also shows us that the messages we have sent to our friend has arrived there or not.(single tick for sent, double tick means message has delivered and blue tick means that person has seen the message).These types of features are not present in other platforms.

4. WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted, means the messages we are sending to each other are highly secure. we can also use our WhatsApp in laptop also through WhatsApp web.

5. Connecting people:- WhatsApp connects us with friend and relatives to whom we are not in touch since a long time .We send each other good morning, good night messages, some funny memes, jokes and other things. we can also create family , friends groups etc.

6. Promotion:- WhatsApp is one of the most successful source of brand promotion of various e-commerce websites and others.

7. WhatsApp is very useful in professional life. WhatsApp is used almost in all fields. like nowadays online classes are happening in all colleges so every school has created a unique class group off students to send messages and study material. In companies, they also contact with their clients regarding their meetings and other things through WhatsApp. If we have to send an important document in anywhere WhatsApp is the best and easiest way to send it.

These are some of the advantages of Whatsapp there are many other also, becauise of these advantages of WhatsApp , it has become a very important part of our daily life.