Bhagat Singh

We don’t need occasion to celebrate heroes and Bhagat Singh is one of the greatest hero India has ever seen. He was born in 1907 in the family of freedom fighters . His almost all the family members were active in politics. From his grandfather Arjun Singh to his uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh, all had served the country once in their lifetime. Thus, the spirit of freedom was embedded in his heart from very childhood.

Bhagat Singh was not a great supporter of non violence , yet, he was also not a firm believer of violence. He took the path of violence out of helplessness and to protect his homeland. Just as the former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru wrote about him ,”Bhagat Singh did not become popular because of his act of terrorism but because he seemed to vindicate for the moment, the honour of Lala Lajpat Rai, and through him of the nation , he became a symbol ; his act was forgotten , the symbol remained , and within a few months each town and village of the Punjab and to lesser extent in the rest of Northern India, resounded with his name .”

Bhagat Singh at the age of 12 went to Jallianwala Bagh hours after thousands of unarmed people gathered at the public meeting and had been killed. At the age of 14 he was amongst the villagers who welcomed protesters against the killing of a large number of unarmed people at Gurudwara Nankana Singh on 20 February 1921. He stated the act of bravery from the very young age but his real struggle of freedom began when he joined Young Revolutionary Movement.

He joined National College in Lahore in 1923. In 1926 he founded Indian Socialist Youth Organization ” Naujawan Bharat Sabha”. He also joined the Hindustan Republic Association in 1924.

He was so devoted to the freedom that he ran away from his home when his father arranged his marriage. He wrote in a letter — “My life has been dedicated to the noblest cause, that of the freedom of the country. Therefore , there is no rest or worldly desire that can lure me now”.

In December 1928 Bhagat Singh along with his companion Shivaram Rajguru, shot British officer, John Saunders . They had mistaken Saunders for James Scott, whom they had originally planned to assassinate. They were agitated due to the death of Lala Lajpat Rai and believed that James Scott was responsible for it. They fled away from the crime scene and were not caught for many months

In April 1929 Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt was arrested for bombing Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi. It was during this trial that Saunders’ case reopened.The police found some evidence regarding Saunders and thus Bhagat Singh was convicted and hanged in March 1931, at the mere age of 23 ( Many that believes that Bhagat Singh was not given a fair trial, thus, it is suggested to read “The Trial of Bhagt Singh” by AG Noorani, as it gives the detailed account of the case)

The life of Bhagat Singh inspires many till now. He fought for what was right. He became famous not for his violent act but for his strong opinion regarding justice and freedom. He was brave and courageous man who prioritised freedom above anything else.