Some Expensive Fruits in The World

Everyone loves to savor me. Fruit are very nutritious to our help and a very important diet. But do you know that there is some fruits exist in the world which will cost you a fortune?  Yeah! you will definitely be awestruck to know about their price. Then come and let’s talk a look about them –—

  1. Buddha Shaped Pear: You can easily understand from the name that the pear is of a unique shape and the shape is of mini Buddha. It is an expensive fruit in world and it cost almost rupees 665 per one piece in Indian currency or 9 $ per piece in world market. This unique shaped pear was first invented by Xianzhang  Hao in his farm of Hebei province in China. Now, it is under China’s fruit mould company. Obviously, this Pear need special treatment, cultivation and Technology for achieving this unique safe.
  2. Sekai-ichi Apple: It is known that Apple are the most nutritious fruit to ‘keep away a doctor’. “Sekai-ichi” is a Japanese word, which means ‘world’s number one’ and indeed it is number one  Apple above the Other apple ,in not only test but also in cost. It is actually cultivated in Japan. It cost almost $ 21 per piece of Apple or rupees 1588 per 907 gm apple in Indian currency. It has a very beautiful color shape and delicious in taste.
  • Sekai-ichi Appl
  • 3. Sembikiya Queen strawberries: As its name ,these strawberries are indeed queen of strawberries in not only in cost, but also in the taste, texture, color and size. It cost almost 85 $ per a box or rupees 6427 per a box ,where the box contains 12 pieces of strawberries. These strawberries are formed only in Japan.

    Sembikiya Queen strawberries

    4. Square watermelons: As its name, these watermelons are really a in the shape of a square box. These watermelons are cultivated in Japan in a special weather and various technology. This square shaped are given by the square glass cases where the watermelons are kept during their growth. These watermelons are almost 5 kg and about cost? They dollar 800 rupees or rupees 60000 per one watermelon.

    Square watermelons

    5. Taiyo – No – Tamago Mango: Now, let’s talk about the king of ‘The kings of fruits’, mango Which is Taiyo – No -Tamago mango. These mangoes are also farmed in Japan. It cost $ 3.66 for per box and rupees 226837 in Indian currency per box and the box contains only two pieces of mango. It has a very ablaze and bold color of red orange and yellow that will surely make you drool and about test?  it is sweet tangy and must delicious.

    Taiyo – No – Tamago Mango

    Yubari melon: It is not only The King of Melon but also king of every fruit in the view of cost. It is the most expensive melon in the world. It is a cultivated in the region of Yubari in Japan do you want to know the price? then don’t faint ! The record price of this melon is $ 45000 or 33 lakhs in Indian rupees per piece. It has execution test and it is big in size.

    Yubari melon