Bollywood v/s Tollywood

Do you find Tollywood funny because of it’s hilarious fighting scenes? and Do you choose Bollywood over Tollywood? If, yes! Then there are some things you need to know about these both well known film industries. Bollywood is basically a Hindi language movie industry and Tollywood belongs to South India. Tollywood releases movies in various south indian languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, etc.

Bollywood is too overrated because of the number of movies it releases every year and also due to some actors who are famous world wide.

But, we all have noticed in past few years, that, the South – Indian movies (Tollywood) makes better movies than Bollywood. The story line given in Tollywood makes more sense than that of the Bollywood. Infact, Bollywood has adapted various stories from Tollywood and made some good remakes, for example, Rowdy Rathore starring Akshay Kumar is adapted from a Telugu movie, Vikramarkudu, Kabir Singh is a remake of Telugu movie, Arjun Reddy, Wanted is also a remake of a Telugu film, Pokiri.
So, now you know, that these hit Bollywood movies have come from Tollywood.

We usually tend to compare Bollywood actors with Tollywood actors on the basis of their looks, looks and looks. And we focus on this aspect so much that we forget about the talent, acting skills, and passion seen in them. Tollywood actors are as talented and passionate about their work as Bollywood actors. 
It is seen that the selection of actors in Tollywood is done more on the basis of their skills rather than their looks.

Tollywood has also produced some of the best actors like the Superstar Rajnikant, Chiranjeevi,
Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, and many more.

Tollywood movies are getting more recognition than bollywood movies in India like Bahubali and many more which have also got appreciated in international film industry too.
Every industry has its own pros and cons.So,its not right to debate on which one is better, both are doing exceptionally great.As to know whether which one is better, it completely depends on the viewer’s preference. The spectators are the one who give the final judgment for all the movies.

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