How To Be A Customer Pleaser?

“Business is all about putting oneself in the customer’s shoes!”

The Laconic Writer

A New Customer is like an Angel who visits you with Nectar (Money) 😉 However, these Angels lend you their time when they consider the conditions with you and your company as comfortable and trustworthy. In short, these Angels need to be pleased just as we devote our time in prayers pleasing the lord so that he would fetch us some customers. Your prayers are answered because we will be revealing the ways of pleasing your customers and making them approach you. After reading this, you should gain some confidence in effective customer satisfaction services.

Customers approach you through two possible ways: Either they read about your services and felt tempted to try you out or they were told about your impeccable quality of services and thus, this good feedback made them trust you. The former case needs more creativity because in that vast section of content, you want your advertisement to be noticed, either through digital or print medium. Thus, you may have to work on uniqueness to stand out. The way you present your ad matters a lot. Use beautiful and stunning colours in case of print medium while digital medium would demand creativity in the message imparted. The latter case however, includes good customer service and high quality delivery of the same which would incline the customer towards you and force them to generate sweet words regarding your services to others. In the process, you not only get a regular customer but also an appreciating puppet! In short, customer pleasing is all about standing out and being on top of the competition. This is the first stage of customer pleasing before they enter and alight on this journey with you.

Moving to, after they get aboard and select you as their messiah over all other brands. An important point here is, that a business owner mustn’t take regular customers for granted. Just because they visit you almost every time, their importance in your company shouldn’t diminish. Most of the times, people tend to pay more attention to the newly arriving set of customers instead of the regular ones and thus, lose them in the process which isn’t a smart move. Also, since they are your family customers by now, make sure that you treat them with discounts and interesting attractions in an attempt to show that they matter. It is because these regular customers can scatter golden gossiping words that could uphold your company and its services. Regular customers should be your priority because they are responsible in fetching you a fresh set of customers. Attend them first and be extremely courteous to them so that they can, with the power of words, fetch you more regular customers. Of course, making regular customers requires that perfect attitude which should pass right through their hearts.

Interact more with customers so that they don’t feel left out and ignored. However, interact with patience and love so that they don’t get offended with your remarks while leaving with a bad impression which too, with the power of feedbacks, could ruin your business. So, remember to take careful steps in business.

Business is all about being friendly and honey coated! Dip your words in honey and sugar syrup before opening your mouth. Be lenient and patient when it comes to disclosing your services because customers sometimes tend to simply inquire without purchasing. However, a businessman shouldn’t have that myopic perspective of entertaining customers who would make a purchase and ignoring the ones who won’t. As stated earlier, every type of customer is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted because the customer may be testing your patience and estimating the quality of your services through your behavior. At times during such, patience is the key to success.

Introduce attractions like giveaways, buy 1 get 1 free offers, sales, discount coupons, lucky draw competitions, limited period offers etc. to grab attention of your customers. However, remember to set a reasonable rate of your products and services when pricing so as to make it seem appealing. When beginning your business, remember to have economical pricing since you need customers to start with, and after gradually experiencing a hike in the same, slowly but steadily increase the prices at a turtle’s pace. You don’t want to annoy your regular customers with inflation! 50 pounds shouldn’t escalate to 60 pounds in one go! 50 pounds should be increased to 52 pounds in two months and then gradually reach 60 till the end of the year. In fact, that’s what I would do. This is a great strategy to avoid terrified and annoyed customers whom we don’t intend to lose. Nobody wants a downfall after all and the customers too would understand that a hike in prices is obvious by the end of the year! So, be strategic and smart working when it comes to business.

In short, Business is all about honey coated words, excellent customer service, using attractions and benefits to show that customers matter, maintaining good interaction, and possessing the uniqueness to stand out!

Thank You For Reading!