The art of being happy

Being happy doesn’t means flashing a forced smile all day long, rather it means a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude in whatever you do. It is a feeling of liberation, serenity which brings calmness to your soul and your joy is reflected by the way your eyes twinkles. Smiling or laughing is a way to express the feelings of happiness, amusement or hilariousness but it doesn’t conveys you being happy. If your brain is conflicted with many thoughts, with various things making a messy knot in your brain , your ability to think and act straight will go away. Your body’s main focus will be to make you live not to make you happy. The different processes in your body will not try to untangle your messy knots, its your will power which will have to take the initiative of untying the knots and keeping the thought process straight. It is when you have no messy untangled knots in your brain and you have the ability to think and act with your brain, you will find a satisfaction in whatever you do without any regrets .

Decisions we take should be based on entirely our choice not on the pressure or in an attempt to make others around you happy. This is because when you do the thing you mind and heart agrees to , you will find a tremendous amount of satisfaction and serenity and will be completely ready to bear the outcome of the decision whether positive or negative. The deep sense of satisfaction will make you JOYFUL which is a sign towards a happy human.

In short, when your actions and thoughts are in your control and you derive JOY from what you does is what is being called happy.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony with each other.

Mahatma Gandhi

Ways to keep yourself happy

  • DONOT GO BEHIND THE RAT RACE. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. REDUCE YOUR WANTS AND INCREASE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. – When you join the rat race by following what million other does because you will that these many people together can’t be wrong, you deprive yourself of the things that you as an individual has planned for yourself. Unplanned things seldom goes good specially when we are talking about the life changing decisions rather it be career, job, relationship or even a small thing like choosing a book. If you choose a book to read on the basis of what others have chosen because you feel that your choice is not upto mark , your mind will get frustrated and confused thinking whether it was a good decision as it already had its own plans. The state of confusion will make you feel negative snatching your peace of mind away. Also, a human has many desires but when the list of desires overpower the list of responsibilities is the time when guilt starts to seep in for not fulfilling the responsibility. The presence of guilt will birth the messy knots snatching your peace and happiness away. Make sure that your desires and wants does not overpower your responsibilities and you fulfill everything that you are accountable for on time and you have enough courage to do what you want to do.
  • DON’T LOOK AT SOMEONE WHO IS FACING LESS PROBLEMS THAN YOU RATHER LOOK UPTO SOMEONE WHOSE CRISIS ARE GREATER THAN YOURS– When you compare your crisis with the heavy baggage it will automatically feel less and your mind will stop the games of comparisons . It will understand that you are not the only person in the world to face this . There are a lot more in worse conditions. This small bit of motivation will help you entangle your messy knots and get calmness which leads to the gateway of happiness.
  • IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY –Life is full of battles and changes which makes us question are worth and rises insecurity when things goes out of our control. Remind your brain during these times that it is the courage which matters. If you let your valor down now, then your enemy which are the life crisis will overpower you. The bumpers in life are similar to speed breakers on road which are made to keep the life in control. As too much of anything is not good. In a way how a vehicle never gives up by facing the speed breakers you should also never give up while facing the problems and accept it as a part of life which will help you grow.
  • COME OUT OF YOUR PAST- Past can be haunted and traumatic. It is a nature of the brain to hold strong affinity towards the things which had gone wrong in past. Remember then that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY NOTHING IS PERMANENT , WITH TIME EACH THING FADES AWAY, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD. Now if you continue to hang on to the past it will destroy you present which in future become your past. Also, since the actions of present makes the future, there are chances of a spoilt future too. So LET GO. It is okay TO MAKE MISTAKES UNTIL YOU ARE LEARNING FROM IT.

A happy soul means a healthy body. Several researches have proved that the ones who are happy have a strong immune system and a lesser risk to heart and stress problems and diabetes. A happy you will have a good mental health removing the chances of depression and anxiety monsters to ever attack you as your brain will be well trained to reach upto that goal of happiness no matter what the storm is.