Unfettered Wings – A Book Review


LEXIBLE, STOIC, CALM, UNDERSTANDING and so many glorifying words to teach women how they should behave in relationships, with family members and literally with everyone.

Have you ever physically cringed while encountering stoic women characters in a movie/book, who behave like a rehabilitation centers for emotionally unavailable men? Have you ever felt betrayed when the society normalizes the mansplaining?

I was reading a ridiculous, an absolutely disgusting statement yesterday, ‘Women using mobiles will pave a way for them to elope with men’. The appalling thing is the above statement was made by Women’s Commission Member. When women talk about their broken marriage, abusive relationships, the distressing advice, the society throws in their face is, ‘YOU COULD HAVE BEEN FLEXIBLE, IT WOULD HAVE WORKED’.

The above statement justifies that, if a woman is not stoic, if a woman is not flexible, she deserves the abuse. It’s high time we have to stop glorifying the flexible women.

The Book Analysis

Unfettered Wings’ by Sana Munir is an excellent collection of short stories that delineate the lives of ten Pakistani women, ‘Unfettered’, YES, the women you encounter in these stories are uncontrollable, they are unbounded from abusive relationships, moral policing, society’s pejorative stereotypes. This powerful collection of short stories left an indelible impact, agonizing story of Reema who’s sexually abused by her uncle in childhood, story of a young, charming Habiba who’s shot by her brother for helping a man without his knowledge, an appalling story of a sex worker, and so many grisly storylines made my blood run cold. Some stories revolve around the political tensions in the borders alongside the portrayal of harrowing emotions of women.

Sana Munir’s writing style is claustrophobic. It’s still suffocating me. A must read feminist literary work.

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