Men and women differ from each other in many aspects…. They have different perspectives, motives, actions, thinking and rationales etc. and like everything has certain exceptions, similarly women and men also have exceptions in them. Based on such differences and similarities, the companies try to appeal their customers for buying their products and they design everything accordingly, like product design, advertisement, store design and layout etc. Everything id designed in such a way that the consumers are attracted to them. As per studies, it has been concluded that women only make more than 85% of the consumers and influence over 95% of total goods and services purchased. Women are considered to be more sophisticated when it comes to shopping and take longer time while purchasing anything.


  • While purchasing anything, men try to analyze the use of products first. They try to understand how the products will be used, who will use it, time period of usage for products, which features are necessary and what is offered with different price ranges.
  • With the growth of e-commerce and technological advancements, it has been seen that in current days men’s are preferring to buy things online than in offline mode. It was also concluded through various researches that, men’s are more likely to compare and research about product online more than women.
  • Women generally shop considering the future needs but men tend to purchase things when the need is immediate and it has also been seen that men’s are less likely to compare or take advantage of discounts, deals and offers.


Women shoppers can be categorized into 4 types:

  • Influencers: One third of the women try to influence by the society by highlighting different trends, varying fashion senses and ways of fashion. They tend to be planners, organizers and mostly spend money on quality products and products that belong to latest trends.
  • Equilibrium or Balanced: One-third of the total women consumers belong to this category and are the group of stable and balanced women’s who are in continual state of equilibrium. They know that everything has time and and amount to be spent. They tend to purchase classic things that are long lasting and may or may not be trendy.
  • Shopping as errand : Women belonging to this category mainly treat shopping as errand or chores, rather than fun experience or adventure. They tend to trustworthy and lifelong customers because of their loyalty. They like hassle free shopping experiences and like men, they are more practical, responsible and loyal customers.
  • Super Shoppers: Women belonging to this category are super shoppers, who constantly try different things, trends and fashion styles. These are the customers who are wanted by companies more while producing any new product.
  • Cultural Artists. Representing slightly more than 1 in 10, women in this group are considered the “super shoppers,” constantly trying different things and starting new trends. They are the group companies actively seek for new products.

Women are considered to be better shopper than men and they are more willing to invest their energy and time in necessary research and comparing products.