We all have pain and happiness in our life. But Don’t lock yourself in a room thinking that life will take us in harsh places only . Believe that there is a lot of wonderful moments to see in your life too . The following are the important words that is to be remembered .

  1. You are worthable to live an incredible life .. You are special there is no one like you. You are worthable for doing something great and creditable.Think this quote always when you feel stressed.
  2. Do see around …There are people who can’t able to study and they are living in streets.God has given us the basic necessities like home, family , friends etc..this itself a major blessings. Don’t desire much . Accept the life offers to you and be happy. Maybe someone out there in this world are desperately wishing to live your life.
  3. Do use your blessings to help the people those who are in streets. Don’t be selfish . Always remember that doing for your self dies with you. Doing for someone will be remembered through ages eg.mother terasa.
  4. Praise others . It will make better about your self . Thinking good things and doing good things will heal and gives life your heart .
  5. Be mature. Every one and Every thing is temporary ( money, age, friends etc…)Sooner or later it will go one day. Accept this reality.Even us are temporary. So avoid being jealous, doing bad things,hurting others etc..as it will destroys heart liveliness and makes it unworthy of it working inside you.
  6. Make your thinking appropriate and logical. “Everyone in this world are fake” actually it’s a lie. Is your mom and dad love fake ?? . Are you fake ?? No right !!!! they why you are running around saying that everyone is fake. The truth is that this thought of yours is fake . You have an evidence that good and true people exists within your family circle itself .
  7. Always trust your energy and feelings. Sometimes we will know that this person is fake . Immediately withdraw that person from your Life. But after that don’t make up your mind that everyone is like that only. Believe that true persons also there. As I said not all are evil .

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