COVID-19 and the Suffering of the Poor People

Till date COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous viruses that have taken crore lives or even we can say more. The pandemic of COVID-19 is till day come in the list of most hazardous problems faced by us. Crores of people lost there loved once and the only thing left was the family which was completely shattered after this outbreak. It was found that the crisis that the people suffered after the arrival of corona virus is like no other virus faced since recent decades. Also, from the beginning till today no such pandemic had hit the social and economic structure as hard as this virus did.

According to the survey around forty nine million people lifestyle changed and ultimately resulted in extreme poverty. The countries which are already poor have fallen much more but the countries which were counted in the list of middle income are also suffering. For the poor of India the life have been much difficult and survival too. Survive and living a normal life during such outbreak is really a difficult one. India is itself a poor country and the arrival of this pandemic has pushed it more economically. People struggled to survive in the initial face of lockdown and many people are still surviving and a fighting a battle against such great pandemic. The real problem was the battle was not only against the problem of surviving but also inequality in various places like healthcare provided to the patients and the education sector too. The economic crisis faced by the poor section of the society triggered them a lot as it rise the level of income inequality. This virus was itself considered as a virus which gave birth to inequality and this inequality increased rapidly with the passage of time as the rich became richer where as on the other end of the spectrum the poor became more inferior. In a report it was found that the top billionaire’s of India become richer and this percent increased to 35% where as millions of people lost their bread for the day. The report suggests that around 1.70 people lost their jobs in every hour in the month of April, 2020. Maximum people who lost there jobs were from the informal sector and there fight in not ended. These people are still fighting and struggling. 

Only we all can end up this poverty gap which can be done from the combination of domestic as well as international resources. No technological or else financial reason could be find till now which can accept the reversals of worldwide poverty. This destruction is due to lack of proper party-political will as well as worldwide leadership on the issue of poverty.  The poverty has increased by one hundred forty four million in 2020. Thus, we can sum up that arrival of such hazardous virus has shattered the whole world but the one who suffered the most and are still suffering is the poor and our government should take affective steps regarding reduction of this poverty.

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