Level Up Your Marketing – 6 Reasons!

“Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.”

· Rebecca Lieb

Hello, today’s article is special as it answers the need to go for Marketing.

Marketing is the process of moving towards the ocean and getting acquainted with the fishes throughout the journey! Of course, this is just an example of personification and hyperbole for a different definition of Marketing. It implies moving forward into the market area to get acquainted with your competitors throughout the journey so as to keep learning new strategies and agendas of business from them.

There are Two Types of Marketing. The First and the most common form of it which was perhaps prevalent before the digitalized era is, In Person Marketing wherein you speak to consumers in person, to sell your commodity. However, this form exists even today and can be traced as the birth of marketing. Owners with concrete structures like shops indulge into this type of marketing wherein they try convincing each and every customer in order to give them a call to action. So, Marketing basically is, appeasing the customer in a standard format.

The Second Type, as we all know today is Digital or Online Marketing. Online marketing is the most widely used today. Even shopkeepers indulge in this method as they advertise the facilities and products provided by them on the internet to attract consumers. Fortunately, today the entire world is on a single social media platform which makes us so close to people that connecting across the globe is no longer a concern.

However, why should you market your facilities, goods, and services?

· For Increased Recognition!

When you market your services out there in the society, your brand, company, or shop receives recognition and interest which eventually attracts more and more consumers towards your business.

· To Make Sales!

Of course, this is intertwined with the first reason because when you receive recognition, and when your business blooms on social media, you are likely to avail benefits in the form of sales. It’s just that the correct form of marketing is required to appeal to customers.

· An Opportunity To Learn From Other Sources!

By this I mean, you get a wider opportunity to sneak into your competitor’s social media profile without the fear of being caught and maybe learn some of the interesting ways of marketing. Don’t worry! You aren’t stealing their marketing strategies because marketing as a general concept doesn’t accentuate plagiarism since most of the strategies are practiced by all. That’s the beauty of online marketing!

· An Opportunity To Learn The Desires Of The Mob Easily!

The best way of Marketing is to learn more about the problems your customers face and to understand their desires. Through Online Marketing, it gets easier to read the reviews of people on a certain business platform and acquire knowledge on the same. You could directly message people and speak to them regarding their problems or create surveys and distribute them to your contacts to learn more about them. This is because, Marketing requires a good understanding of your target audience as to what issues they face and what solutions do they expect to them. Isn’t Online Marketing amazing?

· Availability Of The Creation Of Various Blogging Sites And Other Websites For Developing Free Content!

This is the “luring” section of Marketing which decides the future of your business. This is true marketing through your content. By creating free content, be it in any form: educational, entertaining or testimonials, you try to transform the suspicious buyers into interested customers by providing them the call to action. This is the actual step of Digital Marketing. Just like you welcome guests at home not without your house address, similarly your website is a station or address of your business as to from where exactly viewers are to learn more about you! This too, is made easy by Digital Marketing which helps create this station for you!

· An Opportunity To Analyze Your Business Performance Easily Through Certain Applications!

There are certain interesting applications like Google Analytics that help you monitor your performance. This application helps you understand the higher amount of purchases from a certain social media platform on the basis of which you could decide the acceleration of the creation of free content on that particular platform.

There are certain other Google Extensions like Keywords Surfer that help you keep track of the highest searches of a particular word which you could use as a business name or maybe for your free content. Another mind boggling application is Google Trends that helps you keep up with the trend in the market since all you’ve got to do is search for a word in the search box and voila! A complete stats on the amount of searches in particular cities appears, on the basis of which you could decide the admittance of a specific word for your free content. After all, more the searches in your city, more the possibility of content based on that word being viewed. Popularity counts, doesn’t it?

Thus, I would conclude stating that Marketing is all about selling your commodity but not before making it known to the consumer. When, it comes to online marketing however, you not only make your product known, but also the company or brand you own, in order to make purchasing a comfortable task for the customers. Another step is involved here because of the invisibility of online marketing because of which people tend to have trust issues over the genuineness of a company or brand. That is exactly why, Marketing online requires more persuasion and evidence of worth!