Naturals Icecream

Icecream is been always a part of our sweet craving, company like Amul ice-creams, Baskin Robbins was a great success, but there is a startup that made a footprint in this field with just natural ice cream without any preservatives or artificial flavoring only just fresh fruit pulp.

Naturals Ice-cream, a Mumbai sed startup founded by Raghunandan Kamath, was born in 1954. During summers Raghunandan’s Father a merchant from Mulki, Karnataka used to pick ripened mangoes and sell them to vendors at the market, his father so found fruit he used grew variety of fruits one acre of area near his home, watching his father the love for fruit began in little Raghunanadan’s heart. But passion doesn’t guarantee a profit, he used to belong from the village where health facilities were poor, as a child he used to play and have fun lived the life fully spend most of the time in the kitchen watching his mother cooking which played a key role in decisions of his startup, but the negligence of his studies cost him to fail seventh grade twice.

At the age of 12, he moved to Bombay to stay with his brother, but his inability with coping up with the English curriculum lead pf failing his tenth board exams thrice and giving up. later his brother started small south Indian eateries called Gokul serving ice cream along with idli, dosa, and so on.
Because as young and careless his brother asked him to sell ice -cream, as ice- cream was not an important part of the business. But for ice cream, there was a different value in Raghunandan’s mind. He always wanted to do something different but his brother never took him seriously and he didn’t have the confidence to argue back at that time.
After he got married in 1983, he got the courage to start his own business, he borrowed 3.5 lakh from his brothers and friends to start the venture .he took the risk of starting an ice-cream parlour

Despite this, Kamath made the bold decision to start an ice cream parlour in the main Juhu Koliwada, to hedge against such a risk he also served pav bhaji with ice cream, that how he introduced ice-cream to them this pav bhaji – ice cream strategy succeed and with revenue of 5 lakhs in a year
The Pav Bhaji -ice cream strategy worked he reached revenues of Rs 5 lakhs in year. Initially, he served five flavors mango chocolate, strawberry, Sitpal (custard apple), and cashew-raisin with just three ingredients Milk, sugar, and fruits.

But he was not satisfied by it, his concern was that what if pav bhaji got more fame than ice cream, in 1985 he stopped serving pav bhaji.This decision leads to a recent annual turnover of Rs. 165 crores having 129 outlets in all major cities of India, offering 125 flavours changing with seasons without any changes in the ingredients.

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